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polaris3After pressure from farmers and estate workers Polaris rewarded their pleas and has launched the first Ranger side by side diesel-powered ATV.  

Words & photos: Hils Everitt

When the invitation came through to view the hot-off-the-factory-floor new Polaris Ranger Diesel side by side ATV at the Soltex – the show for everyone who works in the estate and sports ground management industry – the first thought was, not much we can tell about it sat on an immaculate trade stand bustling with smart management and no mud in sight.

So, it was with delighted surprise that we learned Polaris had secured the use of Soltex’s venue, the Royal Windsor Racecourse’s purpose-built offroad route secreted in the trees. The downside was that I wasn’t allowed to drive the Ranger in the mud, despite my off-roading credentials, but a quick blast on a stretch of tarmac was the best I’d get, although it did demonstrate the excellent top speed of 35mph. Okay, so that is 5mph less than the previous 455cc single cylinder four-stroke petrol unit, but this isn’t a vehicle built for speed.

MakingLightTake your Freelander 1 to the next level of off-road extremity with this Pro-Trac light pod, available from MM 4×4. The unit sits above the front grille of the Freelander and features four 55-watt spotlights. It’s straightforward to fit and brings a significant enhancement to the vehicle’s ability to see in the dark.

Priced at £217.50 including VAT, the light pod is a valuable addition to any off-road Freelander’s armoury of hardcore equipment. Go to www.mm-4×4.com for info.

ProppaThis new stylish Cobra A-bar from 4×4 accessories supplier Proppa is manufactured to the best standards in order to provide protection from any knocks. It is also reported to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Proppa is owned by Adam Weaver who set the business up when he was just 26 years old. Adam has obviously done something right – Proppa now employs 25 people and occupies a 25,000sq ft warehouse in Worcestershire.

Visit www.proppa.com for more details and a full range of SUV and 4×4 accessories.

DrainChanging your 4×4’s oil just got a whole lot easier, courtesy of OEC International’s new range of oil drain plugs. The drain plugs enable oil to be removed from an engine with much less mess and a significantly reduced risk of spillage. This is greener, safer and much more convenient for the home mechanic.

The drain plugs are manufactured out of solid brass and come in a variety of sizes. Once fitted, they remain in situ for the duration of an engine’s life. Used in conjunction with a special draining hose (the same drainer fits every plug-size), they provide an effective means of removing all kinds of fluid from an engine.

The plugs are available from www.oecinternational.com, OEC International’s newly-launched products website.

Nothing beats a trailer when it comes to enhancing the practicality of your 4×4. Whatever your needs, there is bound to be a trailer that suits. We check out the variety of shapes and sizes on the market today and provide a reminder of regulations governing towing weights.



JamesWarwickshire-based Brian James Trailers is another well-reputed operation, which offers a good selection of trailers to suit almost any need. The company sells specialist trailers for transporting items like classic cars and heavy plant. It also has a range of general purpose trailers that is aimed principally at domestic users.

A simple trailer such as the Brian James CarGO Shifter will set you back around £1245. For this you get a well-constructed and solid piece of kit, which should deliver many years of faithful service. Larger trailers, such as the CarGO Flatbed, start at around £1695 and offer greater fl exibility and the capability of carrying heavier loads. Even higher up the scale are items like the CarGO Tipper, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Prices for these trailers start at £2195. www.brianjames.co.uk

WinterWheelsFollowing its successful launch of a range of alloy wheels for SUVs earlier in the year, Oxigin has unveiled a new pair of rims for the winter. The VTwo and VTwo Black ‘Nightrider’ are manufactured in Germany and feature a special ‘Physical Vapour Deposition’ coating. This is designed to resist the grit and grime that assaults alloy wheels during the chillier months.

A range of sizes is available from 7.5×17 to 8×19 and the wheels are suitable for most types of 4×4. A special discount is being offered on the wheels at present, which means a set of the smallest rims can be secured for £556 including VAT.

Visit www.oxigin.co.uk for details.

PanningFrogs Island 4×4 now offers this replacement diff pan for Land Rover Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic ranges. The diff pan replaces a vehicle’s existing component and is made out of ARDOX.

This material is used to make Caterpillar bulldozer blades, so it’s fairly capable of withstanding the odd knock. A further benefit comes from the increased ground clearance facilitated by the new pan which can be fitted in the Frogs Island workshop or at home.

Contact [email protected] or call 01235 832100 for more information.

bushDevon 4×4 has just unveiled a new selection of Bushranger off-road accessories. First up is the tri-fold shovel which can be assembled in a matter of seconds to dig you out of trouble. It comes in its own protective pouch and costs £23.44.

If you’re off-roading in extreme terrain, the XTrax II sand ladders will help your 4×4 maintain traction. They are engineered for maximum traction in sand, mud and snow and cost £157.06 a pair.

Finally, check out the Plugga II tyre repair kit, which could just keep you moving when a puncture strikes. The price per kit is £29.32.

Visit www.devon4x4.com for more info.

MouldWhy put up with bare metal and drips of condensation in the rear of your Land Rover Defender 90 hardtop when these MUD-UK interior panels offer the chance of a bit of refinement? The tough plastic panels feature integrated storage solutions which help you make use of what has traditionally been dead space.

A choice of black or grey finishes is available and full fitting instructions are provided. Four self-adhesive closed cell foam pads slot behind the panels, thereby reducing sound intrusion and providing additional insulation. Two plain trim panels cost £200 including VAT, and storage nets will cost an additional £50. An LED lamp and switch is available for £25 and you can get speaker spacer rings for £6 a pair.

Visit www.mudstuff.co.uk for extra details.

winchExtreme 4×4 has introduced a range of Yaletrac hand winches. They are lightweight, compact and feature high strength aluminium housing for maximum durability in the rough stuff. The winches also have a flat bottom surface which enhances stability when being used horizontally or vertically.

A shearing pin in the forward lever prevents overload, and spare shear pins are stored in the carrying handle or operating lever. Even better, a broken pin can be replaced without removing the load… although you’ll obviously want to reduce it before winching again.

Yaletrac winches feature 20 metres of special flexible six- strand rope, which has a steel core and is tapered at one end for easy threading. They are available in three sizes – 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg. Prices start at £346.98 including VAT.

Log onto www.extreme4x4.co.uk for details.