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The guys at Cooper Tires have told us that interest in the new Discoverer S/T Maxx tyre range has been great – and that was before they even had any in stock. Our experience of the Discoverer range has been very positive, so we are not really surprised. Let’s face it, they look great don’t they! Probably not the most objective reason for purchasing tyres, but let’s be honest, it helps parting with your money if they actually look the business! The more objective reason for choosing these tyres are the strong sidewalls and durability, the Discoverer S/T MAXX also has a great ability to discharge stones – a must for a proper off-road tyre. There is a good range available from LT235/85 R16 120Q up to LT275/70 R18 125Q.

Go to www.tyrespec.co.uk for more details or just call the guys on 01908 311515 and say that 4×4 Magazine sent you because you need a set of these tyres for your truck!

JulyProdBloodBlood Red Off-Road now have new Rocksliders for the Mk6 Toyota Hilux. These are fully welded steel construction and they bolt to existing chassis points and therefore require no drilling. Blood Red supply these powder-coated in satin black. They are also available for Mitsubishi L200 (2001-06), and the Daihatsu Fourtrak and Sportrak. Also new this month are UK made extended shackles; 10mm thick laser cut, powder-coated steel plates with CNC zinc plated EN8 pins. Manufactured to suit a range of vehicles including Daihatsu Fourtrak and Sportrak and most Japanese based pick-up trucks including Mitsubishi L200, Nissan D21/22, Toyota Hilux Mk 1-5, Isuzu Rodeo, and Ford Ranger. Now drilled and fitted with grease nipples to keep your bushes moving freely.

Check them out at www.bloodredoffroad.com

JulyProdHoseA new range of high-performance race quality hoses for 200 and 300 TDi Land Rovers have been announced by Siliconhose. The company claims that these hoses outperform the original equipment in terms of heat and pressure. Constructed from hand-formed four and five ply construction, these hoses are claimed to be a ‘fit and forget’ accessory and after 35 years in the business it is fair to say that they have a good competition history and that’s where reputations are made – and lost!

Prices start from £29 (plus VAT) and if you want to know more, go to www.siliconhoses.com or call the technical department on 0845 838 5364

JulyProdSTPWill the latest economic downturn lead to an increase of motorist DIY? That’s certainly the views of the guys at STP. Those with long memories will remember STP, a massive American company that has been around for over 50 years now. How many remember STP-sponsored American race cars? Perhaps less known to UK enthusiasts, the company has a well-established range of additives and engine treatment products and believes that these will become more important to vehicle owners as they worry about meeting the increasing costs of garage servicing. STP suggests that the addition of its Fuel Injector Cleaner or Diesel Injector Cleaner to a tankful of fuel every 3000 miles removes some of the naturally occurring deposits, delivers better engine efficiency and better fuel economy. A 250ml bottle, for petrol or diesel engines will set you back £5.49. Over 3000 miles, even a small improvement in economy should make that a worthwhile investment.

Available at many garage and accessory shops or checkout the website at: www.stp.eu/uk

JulyProdGreaseHigh powered pressure washers are all very well, but at times it comes down to elbow grease polishing up your pride and joy! The Kent Chamois Company is a good place to start for all this gear, new from them is their Microfibre Wash & Dry Pack which offers a Noodle Mitt and Drying Towel in a ‘two for the price of one’ summer offer. The Kent Car Care range is available to view and purchase online at www.carcare.co.uk

JulyProdFlexibleClaimed to be strong enough to support a four tonne vehicle, Lift Trak is an inflatable device that could get you out of a particularly difficult hole that no amount of digging can solve. As it is inflatable, varying the amount of air means it can effectively ‘mould’ itself into the shape of the obstacle you are trying to overcome. Good if it means that you have to dig less, and don’t have to mess up the land around – use this and Tread Lightly. As the name suggests, it can also be used as a lift, again useful in certain boggy ground where you cannot get any solid foundation. When not in use it rolls up into a small duffel bag and can be stowed away in quite a small space.

A pair of Lift Trak will cost £210 (plus VAT). For more details go to: www.arbil4x4.co.uk

July 2011 Issue of 4×4 Magazine

JulyBlogIt doesn’t look like much. No scratch that, that’s too complimentary, it’s actually tacky, looks cheap and spends all its life hidden up in the loft. It’s actually the first time it has seen the light of day for years. I even had to clean it, and it’s also annoyingly difficult to photograph, but I wouldn’t swap it. Oh, and I am also very proud that I have got it.

My Camel Trophy, Sulawesi, “I made it” award spends its life in a box, along with my school swimming trophy, a half marathon medal and assorted awards from when I used to compete in a Caterham Seven; the trinkets and trivia of life. Mind you, that Camel Trophy event was extremely important to me and it has been great to be able to remember it this month in our regular Nostalgia series. The memories got me thinking. The whole Camel Trophy event died a slow agonising death in the end, smothered by the ‘political correctness’ of the No Smoking lobby. It’s a great shame, because it was a superb event. Can you imagine anything today that would attract over 10,000 applicants – and that’s just in the UK – and bring together off-road enthusiasts from all over the world, from Europe, North and South America, Russia and even Japan? It was a competition, and the year that I joined the British Team it was certainly competitive, but it was more than that. It was an event that allowed normal, amateur off-roaders to live the dream and drive in some fabulous places around the globe. Of course, someone had to pay for all that and the sponsorship was from a tobacco company – ironically a brand that wasn’t even for sale in the UK! – but so what? This former participant is still an ardent non-smoker, so I have never missed the fags, but you have to say that the Camel Trophy is certainly missed. And sadly, there will never be the same seen again. Great shame.

4x4safe-drivingAlthough the UK’s our roads are amongst the safest in the world, an average six or seven people still die in road accidents each day in the UK, and road accidents are a leading cause of death amongst teenagers and young people. 

And with the launch of the United Nations’ Decade of Action campaign in the UK this month, there is going to be a continued focus on road safety. This aims to reduce deaths and injuries on the world’s roads over the next ten years, and to educate people to drive more safely, as the majority of accidents are a result of driver error.

Here are some timely reminders to help protect yourself, your passengers and other road-users. 


That’s right, you could become the owner of this fantastic MG Midget together with a year’s free insurance. Okay, so it’s not a 4×4, but this is a stunning car anyone would be proud to own! All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this MG is to look at the competition page from at least two of June’s issues of Classic Car Buyer and then fill in the online form or competition form in Classic Car Buyer.

Join in the celebrations to mark this popular car’s 50th anniversary and be in with the chance of winning! Classic Car Buyer is available in all good newsagents including Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, WH Smith, High Street Trave as well as Service Stations across the UK, and is on sale June 8th, June 15th, June 22th and June 29th. Alternatively call 01959 541444 to buy your copy.

JuneHilsA new column this month, as Editor at Large Hils Everitt gets to grip with those people who moan about the state of our greenlanes, but aren’t prepared to actually help making them better

Welcome to my new column –  ‘Hils at large’. And before you say anything, I’m fully aware of the irony in someone so diminutive (read: ‘short a**e’) having such a title, but nevertheless it does accurately reflect what I shall be doing from now on! Freed from the shackles of editorship, I will now be out and about more, collecting stories and attending events and generally buzzing about the 4×4 scene; so, rather than calling it ‘Hils gets about a bit and reports back’, we felt ‘at large’ was more succinct and perhaps even a little more refined.

Last month I enjoyed a great day out with ukLANDROVERevents on a greenlaning trip in the stunning North York Moors. Greenlaning in this country has really suffered in recent years. We may be hearing a little less from the ‘anti 4×4’ brigade in the press lately, thanks to a couple of extremely severe winters which have seen our transport of choice earn grudging respect by behaving heroically, saving lives and helping motorists and friends and neighbours in distress, but when it comes to using our hard-working and reliable vehicles for some R&R within this beautiful country of ours, that seems to be a totally different kettle of fish.