The guys at Cooper Tires have told us that interest in the new Discoverer S/T Maxx tyre range has been great – and that was before they even had any in stock. Our experience of the Discoverer range has been very positive, so we are not really surprised. Let’s face it, they look great don’t they! Probably not the most objective reason for purchasing tyres, but let’s be honest, it helps parting with your money if they actually look the business! The more objective reason for choosing these tyres are the strong sidewalls and durability, the Discoverer S/T MAXX also has a great ability to discharge stones – a must for a proper off-road tyre. There is a good range available from LT235/85 R16 120Q up to LT275/70 R18 125Q.

Go to for more details or just call the guys on 01908 311515 and say that 4×4 Magazine sent you because you need a set of these tyres for your truck!

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