JulyProdGreaseHigh powered pressure washers are all very well, but at times it comes down to elbow grease polishing up your pride and joy! The Kent Chamois Company is a good place to start for all this gear, new from them is their Microfibre Wash & Dry Pack which offers a Noodle Mitt and Drying Towel in a ‘two for the price of one’ summer offer. The Kent Car Care range is available to view and purchase online at www.carcare.co.uk

Once you’ve cleaned you vehicle, adding some protection makes a lot of sense and that’s where the elbow grease comes in. Waxing can protect a vehicle’s paintwork – which could make cleaning a lot easier! One new product to the market over the last few years has the wonderful name of Dodo Juice. This is a natural car wax that works well as a high-tech sealant. Their latest is the Supernatural Hybrid sealant wax, available in a 100ml tub for £29.95. If that initially seems a lot for a car wax you have to remember that the Dodo guys reckon that applied correctly, applications should last between four to six months and that this size tub could last you up to six years.

We’ve used their stuff before and it certainly seems pretty good. For more details go to www.dodojuice.com

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