Second hand MPVs: Your options

MPVs, or multi-purpose vehicles, are gaining popularity in the UK and abroad for their flexibility and versatility. As their name suggests, MPVs are now being used by different people for a huge number of reasons; they’re strong, sturdy vehicles that can be used to travel on difficult terrain with significant luggage and passengers. Compact MPVs, in particular, are popular with families, especially those with more than two kids – and what family of five or more isn’t looking to save a little money here or there? If you’re looking to save money, second hand MPVs are the answer.

Second hand doesn’t have to be second best; in fact, with the money you can save by purchasing an MPV second hand, you can almost always bag yourself a better MPV than if you were to buy one new. MPVs are made by just about every car manufacturer making cars today, including Vauxhall, Citroen and Peugeot, though some seem to be better at it than others. Honda have certainly made a name for themselves in this arena, having produced the Stream Estate as well as the incredibly popular Honda FR-V.

As an example, a used Honda FR-V in good condition can be purchased second hand for less than £5,000, whereas brand new it would set you back at least £15,000. That’s a saving of £10,000 – or two more used Honda FR-Vs! While many people might think that purchasing a second hand MPV is a compromise that comes at the cost of reliability or quality, this is not the case provided buyers shop wisely. By viewing the car before you purchase it and choosing a car with relatively low mileage, canny drivers can save themselves thousands of pounds on a vehicle which may well be almost like new.

If you’re looking to purchase a second hand MPV, your options are wide and varied. MPVs like the popular Honda FR-V can be found on a wide variety of used car websites or at car auctions, and common models aren’t likely to be difficult to find relatively locally, wherever you live in the UK. While you may feel that you have a little less choice when shopping for a used MPV rather than a new one, this doesn’t have to be the case; if you set out to find a particular model, you will likely find one to your liking.

As with any mass-produced product, the best piece of advice when shopping for used cars of any kind is to buy cars from trusted, reliable manufacturers with a track record of producing cars that last. The Honda FR-V has certainly remained popular well past its natural life due to its reputation for durability and quality. While newer models, including Honda’s revamped Mobilio MPV – due to be released in 2014 – might offer some small advantages over older ones, there is definitely more value to be found in a used MPV for those drivers who want to tighten the purse strings a little this year.

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