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Louise Limb has been drawing Land Rovers in her unique style for more years than she probably wants to admit. Not only is she a talented artist, she knows – and loves – her subject and that always comes out in her work, which has a very subtle touch, unusual in the grit and grease world of old Land Rovers, and which makes a refreshing change. Her work is regularly published in our sister magazine, Land Rover World, and you can get a great selection of her drawings in her new 2014 Calendar. Let’s face it, this could be a great Christmas gift for any 4×4 enthusiast. The calendar is very reasonably priced at only £16 (including UK P&P) via www.louiselimb.com. Overseas postage charges are on the web site or contact Louise direct at [email protected] for more information. You’ll also find a great selection of Christmas cards on the site as well.

Defender seats

You will have all seen the stunning Defender Icon models in this magazine and we can believe there are a lot of Defender owners who think, ‘if only….’ Now it seems if you cannot afford the whole thing, then you can give your Defender a touch of Icon class by fitting these superb RS edition sport seats. Specially designed to fit all Land Rover Defenders without rubbing side panels and B posts, the seats are available in XS black half leather trim to match most late XS Defender models. Nene Overland also has a wide range of leathers, trim, designs, stitch patterns and colours to match your Defender. They are available by mail order or you can get them fitted at Nene Overland. Telephone for more details on 01733 380687, or check out the specific Icon website.     

Website: www.defendericon.com


Snow? Let it fall…

With all the dire warnings coming about a seriously ‘bad’ winter ahead, we have found the ideal piece of kit for all 4×4 owners! This is the Rampage Snow Plough from Warrior Winches. It has an 82 inch blade and can be fitted to the front of most light trucks and SUVs. It can be shipped in a single package that would fit a standard sized pallet and weighs only 276kg. The plough can be fitted, or removed in minutes. Be honest, you’d love one! For more details, go to www.warriorwinch.co.uk

D-Max truck top

The new Isuzu D-Max is winning over a lot of new pick-up fans. Next issue we have our 4×4 Pick-up Of The Year and the D-Max fares well in that. Auto Styling, the UK manufacturer of hardtops for pick-ups now has a new model design for the D-Max. Based on the company’s Classic range, the truck top has an integral ladder rack, high roof and wipe down interior. It can be supplied in white gel finish or colour coded to the pick-up. Auto Styling provides a full range of hardtops for D-Max models for commercial and leisure applications, which are all available from the Isuzu website, www.isuzu.co.uk and from www.autostylinguk.co.uk. The Isuzu D-Max Single Cab Truckman Classic costs £1100.00 (plus VAT) in the gloss white finish.

Website: www.autostylinguk.co.uk 



WE have have been following Les Carvel and his team’s exploits driving a couple of Suzuki Jimnys around the top of the world over the last few months. Well, it’s great to confirm that Les, and the Jimnys, have made it safely back home. We are hoping to have the full details of this adventure in the next issue of the magazine. The trip was a fund raising tour for the charity www.heavencanwaitimbusy.com and the money raised is going to Save The Children and the Oakhaven Hospice at Lymington, Hampshire. Well done, Les.

Mitsubishi plugs into future sales

October was a significant month for Mitsubishi. Retail sales of its Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) have now started in The Netherlands, the designated country in Europe to start what the company firmly believe will be a significant sales drive of ‘alternative’ vehicles. Impressively, Mitsubishi has 10,000 signed orders for the Outlander PHEV across Europe since order books opened in December 2012. Built at the Okazaki Plant, near Nagoya in Japan, the Outlander PHEV boasts a maximum driving range of 824km (512 miles) of which 52km (32 miles) can be in pure EV mode. The Outlander PHEV is claimed by Mitsubishi to be ‘the first self-power generating twin motor (permanent) 4WD Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, and it meets its market at a time of profound changes in the mind-set of global customers, vindicating Mitsubishi Motors’ claim of 20 per cent of its production made of electric/hybrid/plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2020.’



When it comes to a real expedition, not for archaeologist Francisco Estrada-Belli the comfort of a modern day, hi tech, four-wheel drive. Not for him some over hyped publicity drive from London to India in vehicles with six figure price tags, this guy’s serious. Professor Estrada-Belli’s weapon of choice is a lifted, big tyred, Jeep Grand Wagoneer of 1985 vintage. There’s a wonderful serendipity that he should use this wonderful old beast during his recent expedition in Guatemala, where he unearthed a previously unknown Mayan stone frieze that dated back to 600AD… perhaps a touch older than the Jeep, but we still think it’s impressive! As you can imagine by just looking at the pictures shown here, it was tough going, as the Professor explained:

“We didn’t treat the poor truck very well. Most places we travel don’t have roads, and more often than not we had to drive in very rainy, muddy conditions with heavy loads. The Jeep’s engine was very tired after years of abuse, so we needed to have it rebuilt before the expedition.”