What’s the Value of Yours?

CayenneIt’s good news that 4×4 pick-up prices are on the up (see the story here), but of course it’s better news for those selling than those buying. What it does reflect, though, is the changing in attitude to 4x4s. Although they fell hugely out of favour for a time the industry has seen a resurgence in popularity, and not just in pick-ups.


Families, for one, are seeing the benefits of owning a 4×4 and many a Porsche Cayenne is seen in the supermarket car park with various children climbing out. Of course this interest in 4x4s means prices go up, but we can’t argue with the fact that we’d prefer to see 4x4s in demand. Of course, who knows what the future holds so let’s enjoy it while we can… whether a family SUV or serious off-roader.

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