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Sue LoyNow, I never thought I would be doing this! Some month’s ago, my brother pointed out that the ideal personalised plate was available and ‘you should get it quick.’ A lot of my friends call me ‘Suzy’, so being able to have a reg plate that ‘says’ SUZI LOY was tempting but somehow I didn’t get around to it. However, I recently decided to check if it was still available. Surprisingly, I found it ‘for sale’ on a number of specialist sites, at different prices. I then went direct to the DVLA site ( and it was available there – a lot cheaper! The other benefit, quite apart from having much more confidence in buying from the DVLA rather than other motor traders, was that their price included the £80 that you have to pay the DVLA to transfer the plate.

So, remember that if you see a plate on another site, you’ll probably still have to pay £80 to the DVLA. It all went incredibly quickly, I got the paperwork from the DVLA, which you then send off with your existing V5 form and MOT certificate and details of your existing tax disc and within a week I got the new tax disc.



Make: Toyota RAV4 XT-R
Recent costs:
New registration plate – not telly you the cost!
June 2012


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