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AprillStaffHils1In this cold weather we’ve experienced – although by the time you read this we are probably in the first flushes of spring, the snowdrops and crocuses are making a valiant effort and the daff shoots are poking their heads above the thawed earth – a car heater is one of those luxuries you just can’t do without.

I admire contribs Toby Savage and Bob Cooke and all those other mad people in their classic Jeeps enjoying the bracing, fresh  air, but give me a good, powerful and effective heater any day.

And that’s another way in which I can sing our long-term Jimny’s praises. Ok, so, yes, it’s a small 4×4 so not so much area to heat up, but boy when you get that little 1.3-litre fired up, the heater’s on full blast at top temp, it really is toasty in no time. So toasty, in fact, that I always end up overdoing it and have to turn it down quickly to avoid a really hot flush.


Suzuki Jimny
Spec: SZ4 manual petrol  
Mileage: 3777  
MPG: 36 
Recent costs: fuel  
Arrived: August 2010


You can read more about this Jimny in the April 2011 issue of 4×4 Magazine

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