Hils Everitt – editor

StaffJimnyAs you’ll see from our UK adventure on p48 when our brilliant little Jimny took on the mighty 1940s Ford Jeep in glorious Snowdonia, the Suzuki long-termer equipped itself extremely well on the rocky lanes, some of them really quite tricky in places. To receive the nod of approval from Toby, a veteran of off-roader and staunch Land Rover/Jeep fan, is a true accolade for the Jimny.

The Jimny enjoys a superb heritage. I, in fact, learnt to drive off-road years ago in a Suzuki SJ – now that was a top vehicle and you still see them buzzing around off-road driving days, many with lifted suspension, body mods and winches attached. They are superb off-road and the Jimny is not a bad successor.



Model: SZ4 manual petrol

Mileage: 3777

MPG: 36 

 Recent costs: none

Arrived: August 2010


You can read more about this Jimny in the March 2011 issue of 4×4 Magazine


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