Stolen to Order

policemanIt seems like a crazy idea, but 4x4s are still being stolen to order. Especially high spec vehicles, which thieves can then pass on to buyers with large sums of money changing hands. The worrying thing is that, in some cases, the traditional ways to ensure the security of your 4×4 are pointless – thieves are actually breaking into people’s homes to locate the keys and they can then simply drive away with your pride and joy perfectly intact and ready to sell on.

The advice given by police is simply to keep your keys safe and out of sight and don’t leave cash, bags and wallets lying around. Plus, obviously, keep all accessible doors and windows closed and locked. It’s very unlikely this will happen to you, but it’s best to be aware of the dangers… whether you are out and about in your 4×4 or have it parked outside your home.

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