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April11StaffRangeRoverKelsey rides like a new rig after the installation of 90 per cent of her new Terrafirma parts! Getting the parts installed, however, proved to be a bit of a challenge. My long-time friend, and the person responsible for introducing me to Land Rovers some 20 years ago, Jason Coakley, manages Simoes Automotive, the shop that installed the new transmission in the summer. The trans swap was worse than a nightmare and the owner, Norbert Simoes, had actually banned ‘Kels’ from ever stepping ‘tyre’ in the parking lot ever again. Thankfully, he was enjoying a week’s vacation in the Bahamas – perfect timing. Glen van Drecht, the newest mechanic, offered to do the work. He did a great job, for his first Range Rover; even went so far as putting on new brake pads free of charge, and was still talking to me at the end of it…

Although I haven’t tested her off-road yet, the Big Bore Expedition shocks look impressive and feel terrific on the road. The side-to-side wallowing is gone, even with the added weight of the roof top tent, and cornering has been substantially ‘tightened up’ – no more wondering whether she is going to come back to level or just stay sitting one side down. The new suspension has also provided a better sense of what is under the wheels and I will be curious to see if this greater tactile response transfers to off-highway driving as much.


Range Rover GDE
Spec: 3.9L V8  
Mileage: 268,815KM  
MPG: 13  
Recent costs: another half sack of beer, $62 for brake pads and $300 for installation of shocks, springs, dislocation cones, brake pads, tie rods & some bushings  
Arrived: February 2007


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