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AprillStaffNissanA drive up to Scotland to photograph the Scotia Extreme Winch Challenge was the last straw for me this winter. As I have mentioned previously, I have gone through this winter without a heater in the Nissan, due to a leaking heater matrix. After a long day on a freezing muddy Scottish hillside, I was faced with an equally freezing, four-hour-drive home. Not nice!

The next day I phoned Mark, who runs the local Kirkdale Garage in St Annes, Lancashire, and asked him to order a new matrix pronto. His suppliers seemed to have difficulty in getting one so I got onto the internet and in 15 minutes had bought one from an eBay store ( which arrived by courier two days later. The Terrano was then booked into Kirkdale Garage for some major surgery. This will be the subject of a future 4×4 workshop feature, so I’ll say no more about it other than it was a traumatic experience.


Nissan Terrano II LHD
Spec: LWB 2.7Td  
Mileage: 428,200 Km / 266,071 miles  
MPG: 32 approx  
Recent costs: Heater Matrix £62.00, Labour to fit £225.00,
Fuses/bulbs £5.00  
Arrived: March 2003


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