Mr & Mrs

Have you had this dilemna – you’re buying a new family car, but husband and wife want different things. It’s probably a common discussion going on in houses up and down the land. He wants big and powerful while she wants practicality and driveability.

This is a debate currently going on in my household, and one which I expect to carry on for the next year or so, at which time we’ll be ready to start seriously car hunting. In the meantime we’ll keep on discussing what we want from our next car and keep an eye on what’s available in our price range. The ultimate challenge is to find that 4×4 that really does look beefy enough for him, but offers the space and driveability to keep me happy.

Who will ultimately win? As always, there’s going to be a compromise or two along the way. The question is who’ll be making it. I think I know…

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