LR DISCOVERY 3, and 110

Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 15.17.51Robert Pepper

MayStaffPepperIt’s 06:55 in the morning and I’m just about to have the first coffee of the day. In about an hour I’ll be loading the family into our Discovery 3 along with my camera gear. The Disco is ready to roll as I was under it last night replacing a bashplate and checking it over. It’s full of fuel, but we don’t plan on using it all today even though we’re off on a day trip. We’ll be meeting some friends in Geelong, south-west of Melbourne and wandering off in the Otway National Park to just drive some tracks and see what happens. We’ll probably stop for morning tea, maybe do a short bushwalk or two, enjoy the scenery and drop out onto the Great Ocean Road. Or maybe not. Could be we spend five hours recovering a vehicle or two chain sawing trees off tracks.

I honestly don’t know exactly where we’re going, or what will happen, or when the trip will end. But we’re prepared.  We have all manner of recovery gear, a satphone, UHF radio, first-aid kit, 20-litres of water plus bottles, clothes for all climates, several navigation computers, paper maps, weather forecasts and we’re going with company.



Make: Discovery 3
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March 2012


MayCoverSmYou can read more about this Discovery in the May 2012 issue of 4×4 Magazine – available here

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