Have You Modified Yours?

4x4offroadOur latest online poll showed that over half of you have made modifications to your 4x4s and a further 28% of you would like to. That’s a serious number of 4×4 enthusiasts either carrying out modifications themselves or sourcing professionals to enhance the performance, handling and look of their vehicles. Not surprisingly, modifying 4x4s has been steadily growing in popularity, especially with the increase in green-laning which has led to more owners adding under-body protection, raised suspension and so on.

The most popular modifications? Well, larger tyres are an obvious one along with shocks and lift kits, but there are also the cosmetics modifications to think about. Here the choice is equally endless ranging from leather interiors to cool wheels.

Modifying your 4×4 needs careful planning and when making modifications it’s not only essential that the work is carried out to a high standard and safely, but that your insurance company is aware of any changes made to your 4×4. Although not all insurance companies will cover a modified 4×4, you will be able to find a specialist company who will give you cover. It really depends on the work you carry out as, for example, cosmetics changes won’t generally have a major impact on your insurance costs, while larger mechanical changes will.

CAPTION: Crossroads on Houndkirk Moor by Martin Speck

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