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5008 SUV

5008 SUV

PEUGEOT presents three world premieres at this year’s Paris Motor Show as it continues to strengthen its SUV and technology offering.

This year, PEUGEOT has launched a range of new SUVs as part of a world offensive in this fast-growing market sector. After the arrival of the 2008 SUV in Europe and major changes to the existing 3008 in Asia, the brand unveiled its new 4008 in China less than a month ago, and is now presenting two all-new SUVs in Paris – the 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV.

3008 SUV

3008 SUV

Alongside the all-new 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV models, the 3008 DKR also has its public debut in Paris, as well as the new generation digital PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® and a number of mobility solutions.

The PEUGEOT 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV models have their show debut within a dedicated technology space, with a line of efficient PureTech and BlueHDi engines on view.

The PEUGEOT stand gives visitors the chance to fully experience the features of the 3008 SUV, with the new generation of digital i-Cockpit® which is demonstrated using virtual reality technology.



 Philip Nothard

Philip Nothard

Boasting practicality, presence and efficiency, subcompact SUVs are all the rage in the UK at present and clearly an increasingly popular choice with drivers.

The latest analysis from cap hpi looks at the total cost of ownership to reveal the 10 SUVs with the lowest motoring costs over the first three years. Once all the servicing, fuel and other motoring costs are taken into account, which SUVs come out in pole position?

The Dacia Duster Estate 1.6 SCe 115 Access 5dr and Dacia Diesel Estate 1.6 16V 115 Access 5dr share the lowest total cost of ownership on the SUV market, starting from £9,856.84 respectively also boasting the lowest monthly running cost of £273.80. This is followed by the SsangYong Tivoli Diesel Hatchback 1.6 D SE 5dr with a TCO of £10637.19.

When it comes to fuel costs, the SsangYong Tivoli Diesel Hatchback 1.6 D SE 5dr is also ahead of the rest of the pack and comes in lowest at £2,304.

Philip Nothard, cap hpi consumer and retail editor, comments: “When it comes to the looking at the leading 10 SUVs with the lowest total cost of ownership, for the first 3 years from new, our research shows that the Dacia Duster Estate and Diesel Estate really can’t be beaten.

“The SUV market has been booming of late and sector growth has been boosted by a real appetite from consumers. The SUV sector is one of the fastest growing vehicle sectors and manufacturers are putting a great deal of emphasis on this to capitalise on this continuous growth. Our top ten cars show that SUVs represent a good buy for the motorist and with manufacturers such as Citroen, Ford, Kia, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat and Suzuki all providing a comprehensive quality choice of vehicles the sector can sustain its healthy position for some time to come.”


Top 10 SUVs by Make & Model 

Manufacturer Model Description Monthly Running Costs Service & Maint. Fuel Costs TCO
Dacia DUSTER ESTATE/ DUSTER DIESEL ESTATE 1.6 SCe 115 Access 5dr/1.6 16V 115 Access 5dr 273.80 550.00 3401.84 9856.84
SSANGYONG TIVOLI DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6 D SE 5dr 295.48 978.00 2304.19 10637.19
Citroen C4 Citroen Hatchback 1.2 PureTech Touch 5dr 320.09 855 2443.34 11523.34
Suzuki Vitara Estate 1.6 SZ4 5dr 326.35 845.00 2814.66 11748.66
Fiat 500X Diesel Hatchback  EDITION 1.3 Multijet Pop 5dr 327.06 472.00 2197.17 11774.17
Peugeot 2008 Estate 1.2 PureTech Access A/C 5dr 327.82 822.00 2604.54 11801.54
Renault Captur Hatchback 0.9 TCE 90 Expression+ 5dr 331.78 456.00 2707.97 11943.97
Dacia Duster Diesel Estate 1.5 dCi 110 Prestige 5dr 332.36 582 2358.02 11965.02
Kia Sportage Diesel Estate 1.7 CRDi ISG 1 5dr 334.52 327 2465.56 12042.56
Ford Ecosport Diesel Hatchback 1.5 TDCi Zetec 5dr 337.63 739 2465.56 12154.56


160927_jeep_compassIn celebration of the start of production at FCA’s Jeep Assembly Plant in Goiana, Pernambuco, the Jeep brand introduced the all-new Jeep Compass today in Brazil.

A truly global all-new compact SUV, the Jeep Compass will be produced with 17 fuel-efficient powertrain options for consumers in more than 100 countries around the world.

The all-new Jeep Compass expands the brand’s global reach with an unmatched combination of attributes that includes legendary and best-in-class 4×4 off-road capability, advanced fuel-efficient powertrains, premium and authentic Jeep design, superior on-road driving dynamics, open-air freedom, and a host of safety and advanced technology offerings.

The all-new Jeep Compass will be available in North America in the first quarter of 2017 and in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, starting the second half of 2017.

410137704_nissan_crossover_familySeptember marks the first anniversary of Nissan’s partnership on crossovers with user-generated content platform Reevoo. It has produced some fascinating insights into what owners think of their Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail.

So far more than 16,200 people have reviewed their crossovers across the five countries – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – which offer Reevoo-verified reviews on the local Nissan website.

What’s clear is that customers love their Nissan crossovers…

Qashqai –“I love the safety features such as beeping if you stray out of your lane and assisted parking. My very best favourite is the notification when the driver should take a break. I think that is ingenious.”

Juke –It’s a fun funky quirky car. Great drive, you feel really safe. Great idea with the split level boot too, nice touch!

X-Trail – “The engine, steering and suspension are all responsive, and give good feedback. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and with the fully adjustable rear seats there is more than enough room for five adults.”

Reevoo research reveals 57 per cent of car buyers actively seek out owner reviews when researching a car. Furthermore, 58 per cent want an opportunity to share their feedback once they have made a purchase.

The Reevoo comments show a difference in opinion about what makes a great car across the five nations. For example, Nissan crossover owners in Germany and the UK gave their highest scores to the comfort, practicality and specification for both Qashqai and X-Trail. However, customers in France, Spain and Italy rated the cars’ driving characteristics most highly.

Reevoo’s Conversations solution offers a Q&A section where prospective buyers can ask owners about the cars they’re considering and discuss their merits.


Jaguar Land Rover is on a mission to transform the way we listen to music in cars. It has announced a unique collaboration with Spotify to offer an app with readily available ‘music for every moment’ radio and personalised playlists based on users’ tastes and in-car listening habits.

Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs and Elliot Gleave, aka Example, were first to try the app in the car before its official release, going head to head in a battle of music tastes. Each created a Spotify playlist featuring their top driving songs and took to the road in the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible and the Jaguar XE to pitch their playlists against one another.

Example said: “It’s great to be the first to try the new Spotify app in a Jaguar. It worked really well and I had fun setting up my winning playlist and chatting with Ricky, even if I did have to listen to his jokes.”

Ricky said: “I listen to music every day so it’s important I’m now able to use the app while I’m on the move. I respect Elliot’s music tastes, we’d even both included Jamie T, but my playlist was the best by miles.”

Spotify, which launches this month in Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps library, delivers the best in-car Spotify experience. It mirrors the Spotify interface users will recognise from their smartphone with touch and swipe gestures to navigate content.

Tapping into Spotify’s ‘deep learning’ which recognises listening habits, users can access personalised ‘Just for You’ playlists containing recommended tracks in the car, saving time scrolling through music on the move. Drivers in low-signal areas don’t need to worry, as Spotify’s ‘Offline Mode’ will display downloaded content despite poor internet connection.

InControl Apps subscribers can download Spotify from the Apple App Store if it’s not already on their device. From 27th September, once downloaded, the app will automatically show up on the vehicle touch screen when the smartphone is connected. Users do not need a premium subscription to access Spotify via InControl Apps.

*Vehicles need to be equipped with Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Vehicle history check expert, HPI, is warning motorists not to fall foul of scams and rip offs when buying a used car. The company’s own HPI Check® has identified that there is a one in three chance of encountering some kind of hidden problem.

Barry Shorto, Head of Industry Relations at HPI commented: “Buying a used car can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether or not the vendor is trying to rip you off. There are a wide variety of potential pitfalls facing used car buyers. It could be that the car is stolen or subject to outstanding finance, it may have been clocked or it could have been involved in an insurance claim at some point. Despite there being so many ways for buyers to be caught out there are also numerous ways to ensure they are prepared and protected.”

HPI has pulled together the following list of scams and problems to be aware of when buying a used vehicle, together with how to avoid making a costly and potentially dangerous mistake.

Clocking – One of the simplest scams going and most common, especially if the car being sold has a digital odometer. An odometer displays how many miles a car has done; if it’s digital it’s just a question of hooking up a laptop with the right software, pressing a few buttons and setting the mileage to whatever you want it to be.

Always go through the car’s service history and check the mileage for each year – see that it goes up steadily and that it doesn’t suddenly drop. Finally, make sure that when collecting the car it shows the same mileage as when it was first viewed. It’s not unknown for the mileage to be reduced for a viewing, then to go back up once the car is being collected.

Cloning – A car is stolen and given the identity of an identical car, which is legitimate. The car probably won’t come with a Registration Document, but if it does ensure it’s not a forgery. If suspicious contact the DVLA to check the authenticity of any paperwork.

Ringing – Ringed cars are like cloned cars, in that they’re stolen then given a new identity. The difference is that the stolen car assumes the identity of a written-off car. This in itself should arouse suspicious, but selling a written-off car isn’t illegal; selling one that’s been stolen clearly is.

To protect against buying a ringer, make sure the chassis number on the car matches the one on the V5C, look for evidence of the chassis plate having been tampered with and ensure you’re viewing the car at the address on the V5C. Buy a ringed car and you’ll lose it, along with your money, if the police catch up with you.

Cut and shut – This is arguably the most dangerous scam of all, as it’s the only one where the car is definitely sold in a seriously unsafe condition. It works by buying two cars, cutting them both in half, then welding those two halves together. Such cars have no structural integrity and in an accident would literally  fall apart. Avoid buying a cut and shut by looking closely in the door shuts, around the top of the windscreen, underneath the seats and across the underside of the car for signs of welding.

The hire car scam – This hinges on hiring a car then selling it, which is obviously illegal but people do it anyway. The key is to make all of the usual basic checks, including analysing the car’s Registration Document (V5C). If that’s not to hand, walk away.

Fake escrow accounts – These accounts allow buyers to deposit cash with a third party until a transaction has been completed, so both sides have some level of security. The buyer deposits money in the account and the car vendor will then disappear – with the buyer’s money. Even though it looks professional the escrow service is fake. The key is to see if the escrow service is registered with Companies House and check with Trading Standards too. 

Deposit fraud – Some vendors put buyers under pressure to leave an unnecessarily large deposit to secure a car. However, a small deposit will show that you’re equally serious, but always get a receipt. There is still a danger of being ripped off but this is a good way to limit any potential losses.

Barry Shorto added: “While it’s easy to be taken in by many of these scams, it’s also easy to protect yourself by doing just a few key things before buying. This includes buying an HPI Check which allows buyers to always get the fullest possible picture of the car they are about to buy before they part with their hard earned money.  The HPI Check® protects buyers against making a costly mistake by revealing whether a vehicle is currently recorded as stolen with the police, has outstanding finance against it, or has been written off.  It also includes as standard, a mileage check against the National Mileage Register, with over 200 million mileage readings.

In addition by following these four simple steps will also help prevent drivers being scammed in the majority of cases:

  • Always pay with a banker’s draft, not cash. Criminals don’t like banker’s drafts as they’re traceable – cash isn’t.
  • View the car at the address on its Registration Document (V5C) and check that the details on this piece of paper match those on the car.
  • Don’t rely on just a mobile phone number to communicate with the seller. Get a landline number, although it’s still easy for a scammer to disappear once they’ve given you one of these.
  • Ultimately, if you have any doubts about the vehicle or the seller whatsoever, walk away.

For further information visit www.hpicheck.com or call 0845 300 8905 

150916daciaThe new models redesigned from the inside out, including powertrains will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show.

To the exterior, the front end has been reconfigured on all three models. The updated bumper, grille, and air vents confirm the robust nature of the range. The new lights, which now use LEDs, form four rectangles, creating the new Dacia lighting signature. The rear lights have also been redesigned in the same spirit. The interior has also received updates to the features, materials, ergonomics, storage areas, and more.

40651922 - driving while holding a mobile phone (cell phone use while driving)Road safety and breakdown recovery provider GEM Motoring Assist offers the following comment in response to the announcement that motorists caught using their mobile phones while driving will receive £200 fines and six points on their licence.

Neil Worth, GEM Motoring Assist road safety officer, said: “Whilst we welcome this Government move, we all know it is unlikely to carry the weight it could if there were enough traffic police to make it a serious threat to disrupt offending drivers.

“That’s why we need to ensure there is a widespread national advertising campaign to warn drivers that they’re taking too high a risk and that there is a real threat of being caught if they persist in using a phone while driving.

“Enforcement is a much more effective tool if it’s accompanied by a memorable and hard-hitting education and publicity campaign, where the focus is a call for a change in attitude, to make using a phone while driving as antisocial as drink-driving.”

In 2015 there were 22 road deaths in the UK because of mobile phone use.

GEM’s short video, ‘Kill the Conversation’, demonstrates the risks drivers face when they allow themselves to be distracted by a phone. The organisation also has a supply of leaflets covering the same topic, available by calling 01342 825676 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm). 

Jeep has displayed the raw power and speed of its 6.4L V8 HEMI engined Grand Cherokee SRT by becoming the first 4×4 vehicle to race a plane around a track – and winning.

The Jeep vs plane challenge was inspired by the origins of the HEMI engine which was first developed for the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft, and is now, in its latest form, housed under the bonnet of the Grand Cherokee SRT.

Blyton Park Driving Centre, Lincolnshire, hosted the head-to-head around its 1.8 mile circuit and saw both car and plane reach speeds in excess of 140 mph. While the Grand Cherokee SRT tackled the race track, the Silence SA1100 Twister plane navigated around seven-metre high pylons, as they both attempted to reach the chequered flag first.

Capable of reaching 0-62mph in less the five seconds, the 6.4L V8 HEMI powered Grand Cherokee SRT delivers a massive 461hp, and is packed full of high-performance technologies including launch control, Selec-Trac transmission and air-cooled 6 piston Brembo brake callipers which have a stopping distance of 116ft from 60-0mph.

The Grand Cherokee SRT was driven by Ed Morris – the youngest ever British driver to compete at Le Mans 24 hour, while the Silence SA1100 Twister plane was flown by Peter Wells, a specialist aerobatic pilot with over 25 years of flying experience.

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-14-41-54Nissan has announced a new addition to the Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail line-ups with the introduction of the Nissan Vision range.

The N-Vision Special Versions are designed to promote Nissan’s smart, safety-shield technologies. These features will come as standard in the Nissan Vision line which is positioned between the N-Connecta and range-topping Tekna grades. The key features promoted across all three models are:

  • Around View Monitor
  • NissanConnect
  • Full Colour Rear View Cameras
  • Lane Departure Warning

AVM is part of Nissan’s desire to remove the stress and difficulty from modern-day driving by giving drivers the confidence to manage manoeuvres more easily. It is also an integral part of Nissan’s journey towards ProPilot, the brand’s autonomous driving technology which will debut in Europe on the Qashqai crossover in 2017.

ProPilot is part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a strategy announced earlier this year as a guide to the brand’s product evolution. It will anchor critical company decisions around how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society, all while remaining focused on creating more enjoyable driving experiences.

The limited-production Juke N-Vision is based on the generously specified N-Connecta grade with the addition of:

  • Safety pack (Safety Shield Technologies including Around View Monitor, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Moving Object Detection)
  • Exterior+ pack (front and rear bumper finishers, wing mirror covers, headlamp inserts and 18” alloys with coloured inserts)
  • Floor mats with white stitching
  • Metallic/pearlescent paint (no free paint option)

Further comfort and convenience is afforded by the new NissanConnect 5.8” touch-screen navigation and entertainment system; DAB & Internet Radio with 6 speakers; colour reversing camera; electric folding and heated door mirrors; Intelligent Key with Start push button and automatic lights and wipers.

The Juke N-Vision is available in two distinctive colour combinations. A Pearl black metallic exterior with London white interior personalisation and London white Exterior+ pack; or a Storm white pearlescent exterior with London white interior personalisation and Tokyo black Exterior+ pack.

Two engines are offered with the DiG-T 115 petrol version priced at £18,860 OTR (+£195 for Storm white pearlescent paint) or the dCi 110 diesel model at £20,485 OTR (+£195 for Storm white pearlescent paint).

The Qashqai N-Vision is priced from £23,790. The model builds on the N-Connecta specification with the following enhancements:

  • Panoramic Glass Roof with one-touch shade
  • Satin Silver Roof Rails
  • Sports Alcantara and Graphite Part Leather Trim
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Electric Driver Seat Adjustment
  • Dark Headlining

The N-Vision, along with the Black Edition, features the Panoramic Glass Roof as standard, normally a £450 option. The full range of body colours is available with one standard (£0), seven Metallic (£575) and one Pearlescent (£745) paint option. (Prices effective 1st October).

The Qashqai N-Vision is powered by a choice of four refined powerplants – two petrol and two diesel – with CO2 emissions from just 99g/km on the dCi 110 with 17” alloys. The engine/transmission options are:

  • DiG-T 115 (Manual or Xtronic 2WD)
  • DiG-T 163 (Manual 2WD);
  • dCi 110 (Manual 2WD)
  • dCi 130 (Manual or Xtronic 2WD and Manual 4WD)

The X-Trail N-Vision replaces the n-tec grade, which sits between Acenta and Tekna. Standard features include the Smart Vision Pack with Forward Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning and Traffic Signal Recognition; NissanConnect 7″ touch-screen navigation and entertainment system; Around View Monitor; stylish 19” alloy wheels, and one-touch automatic opening power tailgate.

The X-Trail N-Vision is available with the DIG-T 163 2WD petrol and six-speed manual transmission or the dCi 130 diesel with 2WD mated to a six-speed or Xtronic gearbox or a 4WD with six-speed manual. Prices remain the same as the outgoing n-tec grade, starting from £26,735.