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NovProdMirrorsGiven the time of the year, these heated mirror elements are a great idea. Standard equipment on trucks, vans and high-end cars, MUD heated mirror elements add another level of safety and convenience to any Land Rover Defender. Unlike traditional printed circuit elements the MUD heated mirror elements use the same impregnated matting found in bathroom applications to avoid the striping effect of traditional heating elements. MUD heated mirror elements can be supplied as elements only or with a fitting kit.

Two elements will only cost £18.50 or grab the full kit for £28.00 inc VAT. Check out www.mudstuff.co.uk or call 01422 881951

NovProdSpacedChanging wheel and tyres for your vehicle, can then involve getting spacers fitted. Very important that these are well engineered to keep all wheel aligned correctly. A new set of spacers from H&R have come to our attention. Available for Range Rover models built from March 2003 onwards, the Trak+ Wheel Spacer kit provides simple and effective vehicle track widening, which is claimed to improve handling and performance. A ‘perfect fit’ hubcentric design makes the spacer function as a precise extension of the axle hub, thereby guaranteeing precision wheel fitment. Made from durable lightweight aluminium/magnesium alloy, they are suitable for DIY installation.

You can widen your Range Rover’s track by either 50mm (£116.99, plus VAT) or 60mm (£121.50 plus VAT). To find your nearest stockist, email [email protected] or call 020 8782 2485.

NovNewsJukeRevised gear ratios to Nissan’s successful Juke crossover SUV have helped to improve fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions levels. Something that Nissan claims will save owners up to £232.47 over three years. (The savings are based on annual mileage of 10,000 miles per year and national average fuel prices: petrol 136.2p / diesel 140.3p).

Over 22,000 Jukes have been sold in the UK since it was launched in September 2010, replicating the sales success of the Nissan Qashqai. These new engine developments have not increased the on the road prices of the Juke, which have been held.

The first two Help the Heroes 4×4 Rallies of 2010 and 2011 have raised a massive £310,000, which means that the 2012 event will be going ahead, and aiming to top both previous events. The rally follows the path and tells the story of the Allied Invasion through Europe. The Allied Forces landed in France early on D-Day morning – 6th June 1944. The Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally 2012 will retrace much of that route.

This event will start from Littlecote House Hotel, Wiltshire on 16th June 2012. It will be a 2000 mile adventure through Europe over a 12 day period. We anticipate that this non-speed touring assembly will again be fully subscribed with 45 vehicles crewed by serving and ex-military personnel, as well as civilians and families with children. It will be part military history tour, some fun activities, part off-road driving and part club-type social, open to road-legal 4×4 vehicles. The goal for this coming year is £160,000.

NovProdPatrolSuperPro bushes are certainly tried, tested and proven in motorsport, which means they deliver more than enough performance for most 4×4 owners. Devon 4×4 has a special offer on their website this month that will please Nissan owners. A complete set of bushes for Nissan Patrols (Y60 GQ LWB & SWB Safari 1989 – 1997 and Y61 GU Wagon / Safari 1997 – 2002) is now available for £338.20 (inc VAT). You’ll get a three-year/30,000mile guarantee.

The offer is on Devon4x4’s website, www.devon4x4.com or to find out more call the guys at Devon4x4 on 01769 550900.

NovProdSteelIt seemed somewhat appropriate, given the main theme of this month’s issue, that as we closed for press we received details from the guys at Wheels ‘n’ Things. Now we are encouraging you to change your tyres, but that means you have to get the tyres fitted… then when summer returns, you have to change back. How about a set of steel wheels for your winter tyres? You can then swop those yourself, each winter. There’s an initial investment obviously, but the wheels and winter tyres could then last you for years and years.

Wheels and tyre packages start at around £350. You can contact the guys on 0845 263 0148 or go on-line to:  www.wheelsnthings.com

NovProdVENTIt seems that Defender drivers can say goodbye to damp sleeves in winter! The DefenderVent kit provides an effective solution to the age-old problem of the lack of side-window demisting facility on pre-2007 Defenders. The redesigned windscreen vent not only improves airflow to the windscreen but an additional outlet channels warm air to mini-vents fitted into the ends of the Defender dashboard.

The kit is available from MUD UK for £133.00 Inc VAT. Check out www.mudstuff.co.uk or call 01422 881951

NovProdKettleThe wonderfully named Wacky Practicals have a new collapsible kettle, which is a great idea for any campers/overlanders out there. Space is always a premium, and things like kettles are always an awkward shape – so why not get one that squashes completely flat! It has a capacity of just over a litre, so enough for a good few cuppas.

Looks good, available in three colours and is suitable for electric stoves and gas burners. It’s available for £29.99 check out the ‘wacky’ website at www.wackypracticals.com

NovProdPrimoTop registration specialists Primo have some great registration offers this month. If you want to have a plate that no longer ‘ages’ your vehicle, then they have a number of potential offerings: PAZ 9171 was available as this was written for only £299. We were particularly drawn to PR 99 – although this was on offer for just under £10,000. Mind you, we know a lot of PR people who could easily afford that! If you are interested in registrations, you should check out the Primo picture gallery, which has thousands of pictures of interesting number plates (pictured above).

If you’re after inspiration for a plate, or simply wanting to browse what’s already been released, check out this website at www.primoregistrations.co.uk. Perhaps more importantly, if you have a plate that you want to share please forward it to [email protected] for inclusion. And if you are looking for that special plate, these are the guys to contact.

November 2011 Issue of 4×4 Magazine

NovBlogWhat a complete clot! When one 4×4 reader asked his insurance company why his policy had been invalidated because he had taken the eminently sensible decision to fit a set of winter tyres to his VW Touareg, the prize plonker at his insurance company answered, ‘the tyres are a winter tyre and should only be fitted in winter.” Asking when Privilege insurance defined winter actually occurred, he was told “December, or when it snows.” This flippant and stupendously idiotic response just shows the ignorance that still exists with some insurance companies, and why, when you fit winter tyres to your 4×4 – and trust us, you really should consider it – you do need to check with your insurance company to see if fitting invalidates your policy. If it does, the solution is simple: move insurers! Which is exactly what this Touareg owner did – he’s now with AVIVA.

We have our annual winter preparation feature in this issue, starting on page 24. And just in case there are any bewildered brokers reading this, fitting winter tyres is not “just for December, or when it snows”. The reason for fitting such tyres is not just for snow, or for any particular calendar month. Winter tyres are designed to work at their very best when the temperature drops below 7deg C. Now as this is being written while we are enjoying a wonderfully warm late September, that may seem very cold! Actually, the average UK temperature, during morning rush hour and in the evenings, drops below 7degC for some six months of the year!