NovProdPrimoTop registration specialists Primo have some great registration offers this month. If you want to have a plate that no longer ‘ages’ your vehicle, then they have a number of potential offerings: PAZ 9171 was available as this was written for only £299. We were particularly drawn to PR 99 – although this was on offer for just under £10,000. Mind you, we know a lot of PR people who could easily afford that! If you are interested in registrations, you should check out the Primo picture gallery, which has thousands of pictures of interesting number plates (pictured above).

If you’re after inspiration for a plate, or simply wanting to browse what’s already been released, check out this website at Perhaps more importantly, if you have a plate that you want to share please forward it to [email protected] for inclusion. And if you are looking for that special plate, these are the guys to contact.

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