I remember the look of horror on my son’s face. Late teens, slim, fit, enjoying wearing tight-fitting clothes. And the realisation as our conversation went on that there was an awful inevitability that at some point there would be a return of flared trousers. Because there are only so many things you can do in terms of cut of trouser and it just goes round and round.

And behold, two years later flares are back and my son is so upset by it we still can’t discuss it. Because what he is seeing is something sculpted and slim giving way to something baggy and floppy. And he’s not yet reassured that the only way this can go is to go back towards slim or some sort of cut fit.

Yes, obviously you’re ahead of me. The Toyota Land Cruiser. Only we’re at a different part of the cycle and boy is it a
welcome one. The last one was indeed the equivalent of flares. Big, rather bulbous, complex, expensive and sort of saggy. We’re talking loon pants.

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