Pricing Revealed For AMG G 63

It wasn’t long after Merc revealed the new G-Class that their pals at AMG had their way with it.

The G-63 has a 4-litre V8 under the bonnet, kicking out 585bhp and 626lbf.ft. This means that the Goliath wagon has a new top speed of 137mph – or 149mph with the optional AMG Driver’s package. It also means an incredibly impressive 4.5 seconds to sixty for a truck that weighs around 2.5 tonnes.

The iconic design of the G-Class was tweaked for the new model, and a host of new tech has been utilised to retain its off-road prowess in this latest form. It comes with a nine-speed automatic box, three locking diffs, a nine-speed automatic transmission and AMG have added ride control suspension, a sports exhaust and performance brakes.

As expected, the prices for an AMG fettled G are higher than the £90k for a boggo one. The G-63 starts at £143,305, with a special Edition 1 available for £164,495.

The Edition 1 comes with matte black alloys with red rims, exclusive upholstery and Edition 1 badging.

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