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March 2012 Issue of 4×4 Magazine

MarBlogWhat a lousy month! When something breaks, or you damage your 4×4, at least you can shrug and perhaps blame yourself or come up with the thought that you had got your money’s worth, it’s been good value etc etc. Or even that it is an opportunity to upgrade and improve the vehicle with a new, better, replacement part. Not quite the same for me this month, when turning on my Toyota Hilux’s engine, an awful tank-like noise came from under the bonnet. What the….?

As you can read in Our 4x4s this month, the reason for the ridiculous noise was that some low-life had actually stolen the vehicle’s catalytic convertor! They had rolled under my truck, presumably in the early hours, and hacksawed off the cat. A violation that cost over £1200 to repair and netted the scumball probably £60 or £70 for the precious metals inside.

Sadly, catalytic convertor theft is not that unusual and I didn’t have to explain to my insurance company what had happened. It seems I am covered, albeit apart from my excess. Reporting the theft was not so simple, however. After calling the Adrian Flux claims line I was put through to a company in Norwich who took all my details, they then said I had to phone another number to register the claim and that I’d have to give all the details again, as they were not linked electronically to pass on my details. I duly did the second call and went through all the same questions, again. I later received another call back, from another person from the same insurance company, asking me all the same questions. Again. Finally agreeing that, as I had got a detailed quotation for a replacement cat, and that I had supplied photographs of the missing cat, I agreed to replace the cat and pay for it before the insurance claim was processed. All done, until I got a further call from a damage repair bodyshop informing me that they had been contacted by my insurance company that I had accident damage on my Hilux and when would I like to bring it in to be repaired….

No wonder insurance is so expensive, I’ve been in communication with so many different people, all working on my behalf (and all perfectly pleasant and obviously trying to be helpful) and telling them all the same thing, and still wires got crossed. Surely one telephone call would have been enough. It was simple, wasn’t it? Thankfully, however, the cheque arrived within a week.

So, here’s hoping that you have all had better month’s 4x4ing than I have. On the plus side, it’s a good mixed issue for you this month especially our new 4×4 Hall Of Fame. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what needs to be included. We would like to have a ‘Readers’ Vote’ 4×4. So what do you think has been an outstanding 4×4 over the last 30, 40 years? Send in your thoughts and comments to [email protected] or by post to the address on the bottom right of this page. We are very intrigued to know exactly what you consider needs to be included.

Hope you enjoy the issue, and if you own a Hilux, take extra care…

OctBlogPicNigel Fryatt, Editor





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