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Formerly the Property of Oscar Winner Rex Harrison, 1943 Ford GPW Jeep, for Sale with H&H Classics at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, September 8th Estimate £25,000 – £30,000

This WW2 survivor, formerly the property of Oscar-winning actor Rex Harrison. still retains many genuine WW2 parts. It comes up for sale for an estimate of £25,000 to £30,000 with H&H Classics at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, on September 8th.

It is understood to have served with the 6th US Armoured Division in World War 2 and finished its war in Italy. It subsequently became the property of Rex Harrison, the Oscar-winning film star who played Professor Henry Higgins in ‘My Fair Lady’ (Lerner and Loewe’s great musical masterpiece) and Dr John Doolittle in ‘Doctor Do Little’. Copies of Italian paperwork and a logbook relating to Rex Harrison’s ownership, two images with Rex Harrison in the Jeep including one depicting himself and Rita Hayworth accompanies the vehicle.

Paul Cheetham of H&H Classics comments: “We are delighted to offer such an iconic WW2 Jeep with its links to the film world. Professor Henry Higgins it seems had an appreciation for tough and robust qualities, be it in vehicles like this Jeep, or indeed the Cockney character of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.”

It has been subject to a full service and mechanical fettling in July 2021.

Arguably more iconic than a Sherman Tank or P-51 Mustang, the Jeep is for many the definitive WW2 vehicle. Equipped with a torquey L-headed 2.2-litre engine driving all four wheels via a three-speed manual box and two-speed transfer case, the tough, go-anywhere four-seater did its job exceptionally well. By the end of the war, 647,870 Jeeps had been produced – 281,448 of which were manufactured by Ford.

Rita Hayworth and Rex Harrison in the Jeep

This 1943 example of the Ford GPW is thought to have ended its war in Italy after the end of hostilities, being registered ‘GE 62652’. The Jeep is subsequently understood to have been painted in Green over the original paintwork, which is being carefully removed in areas and revealing the original wartime painted decals.

The Ford GPW still retains many of its genuine WW2 features including the body-tub, front bumper, early bonnet, combat wheels shod with Firestone Bargrip tyres, very scarce lubrication bags, rare USA shovel and the canvas and frame are thought to be original too. Fitted with a period Willys MB unit (with engines commonly changed during WW2), the GPW has been subject to a 12-volt conversion.

Incorrectly declared as manufactured in 1947 by the DVLA, ‘XBV 227’ will be supplied with a letter from the IMPS (Invicta Military Preservation Society) and MVT (Military Vehicle Trust) stating the correct date of manufacture as 1943 for the DVLA rectification.

Imported into the UK in 2015, the Ford GPW will have  UK-plates in time for the sale. and a current V5C. It has been the subject of much mechanical fettling in July 2021 including engine and ignition system service, a new master cylinder, fuel system flush and new points, plugs and condenser.

Have you been looking for some of the best and classiest cars to add to your garage? Today, we’ll be looking at some of our top picks for the most beautiful cars that make you look classy. After all, if you’ve got the money to spend on a phenomenal vehicle, you want to be sure you’re making the best impression possible on those who pass you by!

Beautiful Cars That Make You Look Classy!

When it comes to cars that make you look classy, few can rival the following choices. We’ve picked out some of the most beautiful cars that we’re sure you will absolutely love – because for this list, it’s all about the class! With that being said, the cars we’ve picked out are all at the top of their game, so you can be sure you’re getting the best of everything with these incredible models that we’re pretty sure everyone will love!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

If the Italian name alone isn’t classy enough for you, then this stunning vehicle from Alfa Romeo could be the perfect choice for you! It’s an incredible model that’s perfectly in proportion and finished with the finest attention to detail possible. Plus, you can even customize the model if you’ve got a spare £5000 lying around!

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is a stunning, sleek design that’s perfectly aerodynamic and offers truly phenomenal performance – but we’re here for the aesthetics, and luckily, this model meets every design choice you might want. A stunning color, with unique bodywork and an eye-catching whale shark grille design, ensures that you’ll be drawing plenty of side looks while driving around in this absolutely beautiful car! A spare £10,000 will get you full customization with a carbon-fiber roof panel, bespoke wheels, and painted brake calipers as well.

Chevrolet Impala

According to Lottoland, William Shanteau chose a Chevrolet vehicle after he won $1.2 million – and he’d be in good company, as Chevrolet models are often among the most loved for their aesthetics.

As one of the slightly more affordable options on our list (although still coming in at over £25,000), the Chevrolet Impala is a stunning vehicle that’s definitely going to turn heads when you drive past. What’s more, if you’d prefer a slightly glitzier model, the slightly higher-priced model with top LTZ trim level can be purchased for about £10,000 more. The vehicle comes in multiple different colors, too, although the most refined choices are generally considered to be the darker choices – namely, navy and black.

Buick LaCrosse

Priced at around £25,000, the Buick LaCrosse is a stunning four-door sedan that’s absolutely phenomenal in terms of balancing class and refinement with relative affordability! The design is sleek, clean, and eyecatching, and you would be forgiven for mistaking this model for being one of the most refined cars on the road!

Porsche Panamera

Despite being the epitome of what one might expect from a lottery winner’s car, the Porsche Panamera is surprisingly affordable (as far as top-class Porsche sportscars go, anyway) and offers a stunning, streamlined, and aerodynamic aesthetic that’s instantly recognizable. It’s a combination of a sports car and a limousine and offers the spaciousness and luxury you would expect as such. What’s more, the recent design improvements mean that the modern Porsche Panamera is amazingly comfortable and simple to drive, too – so you’ll be getting a perfect balance of style without having to compromise on the comfort of the drive!

Spyker C8 Aileron

The Spyker C8 Aileron is an incredible vehicle, and it’s one that most definitely deserves a spot on this list of the classiest cars. There’s nothing this amazing vehicle doesn’t do, and the overall aesthetic is one that will draw attention from everyone! Plus, the closer you look at the vehicle, the more you’ll actually notice about it. So, if it’s an amazing model of car you’re after, that will make everyone immediately turn and stare; this could be it. 

Lexus IS

Lexus – it’s one of the big names in the luxury car world, and to this end, you’re probably not too surprised to see a Lexus featuring on this list. The Lexus IS is a stunning model that’s perfectly aerodynamic and is a thrill to drive – but fortunately, it won’t completely break the bank compared to some Lexus models either. The bold design is one that anyone can enjoy, and best of all –


Today, we’ve taken a look at some of the best choices for classy cars that you might want to add to your garage! From high-end vehicles to hypercars, we’ve gone through some of the top picks to ensure that there’s a car on our list for everyone, from avid vehicle lovers right through to those lucky few who’ve been lucky enough to win the lottery! What did you think of our top picks? Did you agree with our choices? Have you ever been lucky enough to own or drive any of these amazing cars?

Motorists looking to go on road trips this summer are being warned about roller coaster roads in the UK.

Motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk have revealed a round-up of the routes you may want to avoid this holiday season due to their roller-coaster-like nature.

From narrow roads, steep hills and sharp corners, there are many roads around the UK which resemble a roller coaster that Brits might not be aware of until it’s too late.

Among them are routes including Snake Pass in Derbyshire, Vale Street in Bristol and Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District.

A spokesperson for LeaseCar.uk said “We want motorists heading out on the road this summer to be well prepared and know what sort of roads they may be coming up against.

“These twisty roads are enough to incite fear in even the most experienced of drivers. Their sheer drops, sharp bends and uneven terrain should definitely be avoided where possible!”

1. Vale Street

This residential street located in Bristol is one of the steepest roads in England. Manoeuvring its way between houses, this tightly packed road is sure to cause concern to even the most skilled motorist. 

Drivers at the bottom of the road are met with an incline so sharp that it is almost vertical, with a roughly 33% gradient incline. In fact, this incline is so immense that residents often have to park their cars horizontally outside their properties so that the cars don’t roll away on their own. Although not ideal for motorists, perhaps this street could provide some excellent opportunities for skiing in the winter!

2. Kirkstone Pass

Breaking records as the Lake District’s highest road, Kirkstone Pass has a spine-chilling altitude of 1,489 feet. The road gradient approaches 1 in 4 and is traditionally referred to as ‘the struggle’ by locals due to the harsh gradient making it so difficult for motorists. 

However, ‘the struggle’ may eventually pay off for motorists as the summit reveals stunning views of both Patterdale and Troutbeck valleys. 

3. Rosedale Chimney 

Located in North Yorkshire in the centre of the North York Moors national park, this roller coaster road is a mountain pass with a gradient of 33% and a maximum of around 1 in 3. This fearsome road isn’t only difficult due to its steep gradient, it is also very narrow and challenges motorists with a series of steep turns. 

4. Snake Pass

The name of this road alone is sure to warn motorists that this is a roller coaster road. Filled with twists and turns, this road sits between the Ladybower reservoir and Glossop. The road’s poor accident record should concern any motorist looking to travel this route. 

The route was once advertised as the main avenue between Manchester and Sheffield, however authorities have recently thought better of directing traffic towards this dangerous trail. 

5. Zig Zag Hill

The aptly named Zig Zag hill is the bendiest one mile stretch of road in the UK. This route is attributed a roller coast road spot as a result of its steep incline, several sharp turns and rocky terrain! 

The hill is part of the B3081 road located near Shaftesbury, Dorset. Drivers making the route up this winding road could be forgiven for believing they are ascending on to a mile of alpine driving due to the vast trees surrounding the route. Motorists are warned that many of the sharp corners along the route can often be covered in leaves and grease, at times disguising the sharp angles of the road. 

6. Cat and Fiddle road

Once labelled the ‘UK’s most dangerous road”, this ribbon-like route is a 7.5 mile stretch which runs between Buxton, Derbyshire, Macclesfield and Chesire.

Whilst offering picturesque views of the Greater Manchester conurbation, the route is scattered with a plethora of sharp roller coaster corners, which have caused many motorists to lose control of their vehicle unexpectedly. 

More recently, improvements have been made to the road to make it safer for motorists, including the installation of motorcycle crash barriers and speed check cameras. Luckily for motorists looking to take this route, these improvements have taken the road away from the top spot of most dangerous.

7. A361

This treacherous road is the longest of this run-down, spanning a length of 195 miles. However, the most dangerous part of the road is said to be the section connecting Chipping Norton to Banbury in Oxfordshire. This single carriageway is a hotspot for vehicle accidents. 

Between 2012 and 2014 there was a spine-chilling total of 22 serious accidents. Motorists are encouraged to slow down when winding through residential villages on the route. 

• 37% holding onto cars longer than usual as not sure which fuel type to go for
• Only 8% of drivers say they will buy an electric car for next car

Almost one in three drivers (32%) say if they were buying a new or a second-hand car they do not know whether to buy a petrol, electric or diesel powered one. Younger drivers, 18 – 34s, are even more undecided with almost half (49%) saying they are unsure what type of fuel-powered car to go for.

The Opinium survey of 2,000 UK drivers, commissioned by InsuretheGap.com, a provider of GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance, finds that over a third (37%) are also holding onto their current car for longer than usual as they do not to know whether to buy a petrol, electric or diesel car (men 41% and women 33%).

While the government is keen for drivers to switch to non-fossil fuel cars, and the sale of wholly- powered new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030 (and new hybrids from 2035), this survey reveals that consumers are unsure of what they should or should not be buying.

Also, only 8% of drivers say they will buy an electric car for their next car purchase (10% men and 6% women).

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office, InsuretheGap.com, said: “With the UK government banning the sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2030, drivers do need to start looking at electric cars seriously. However, this survey clearly shows that there is still little appetite and more than a little confusion. It looks like a lot more reassurance is needed before many motorists will be ready to ditch their internal combustion engines for good.”

The survey of 2,001 drivers (18+) was carried out by Opinium from 5 – 9 February 2021.

With the first half of 2021 now behind us, leading vehicle tracking and security brand – Global Telemetrics – reveals its theft report for the period January – June. Once again, the Land Rover badge holds the most appeal for car thieves with the brand featuring seven times on Global Telemetrics ‘top 10 most stolen’ list.

2021 has been a busy year for Global Telemetrics with over £10.8 million of vehicles recovered to-date, including over £2.3 million in June alone. Recoveries have been reported from across the country, including high-value vehicles such as a Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes AMG G53, BMW i8 and BMW M3.

It’s not just high-value vehicles that were recovered, however. Protecting their investment remains important for a range of owners, particularly those that use a van for professional purposes. Amongst the lowest value recoveries during the period January – June 2021 were a Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Fiesta ST-2, Volvo Excavator and an Abarth 595.

Theft hotspots remain unchanged with London, West Midlands, Essex, Kent and Manchester seeing the most thefts thanks to the saturation of prestigious vehicles in these areas.

Theft methods continue to make for grim reading. Global Telemetrics report that keyless entry, hijacking and burglary remain the three main approaches employed by would-be thieves.

Talking about the latest data, Global Telemetrics’ Gavin Hennessy said: “Spending more time at home means car thieves have more opportunity than ever to scope out potential targets, safe in the knowledge that the keys are in close proximity. So many thefts are avoidable if keys were stored safely, whether in a faraday bag or box to block keyless entry signals or hidden away in an unlikely location to avoid any ‘smash and grab’ opportunities. Simple changes that don’t make it easy for thieves really can make a huge difference to overall theft figures.”

Global Telemetrics Top 10 most stolen (Jan – June 2021)

1)        Land Rover – Range Rover Sport

2)      Land Rover – Range Rover Vogue

3)      Land Rover – Range Rover Autobiography

4)      Ford – Transit

5)      Land Rover – Range Rover Velar

6)      BMW X5

7)       BMW X6

8)      Land Rover – Discovery

9)      Land Rover – Defender

10)   Land Rover – Range Rover Evoque

To find out more about Global Telemetrics’s vehicle tracking options and how they can empower your security please visit www.globaltelemetrics.com or 0800 279 6401.