X Grip From Ram Mount

augprodtightWith all the Apps now available for smartphones, quite apart from using the phone itself, having a way of positioning the device securely in your vehicle is a must. We’ve been using the new X Grip from Ram Mount, and it’s an excellent piece of kit. The big suction cup positions it securely on the screen, and we do mean securely, this is not going to fall off! Then with one twist, you can adjust the angle of your device to really suit. Removal is just as easy, so when not in use it can be stored away. For us, using this with the Bosch Navigation App on an iPhone is superb, and you can adjust it to exactly where you want the screen to face. Together it’s neater, simpler and possibly cheaper than having a bulky satnav. The Ram Mount X Grip, including the arm and suction base, is £64.89 and the Bosch navigation App is £49.00. Check out: www.ram-mount.co.uk and the Bosch App is available through iTunes.

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