OctNewsTyresIt seems that this year more people will make the, somewhat obvious, decision to consider getting some winter tyres on their vehicles. It’s best described as a ‘no brainer’ and even on a 4×4, you will often seriously improve grip, traction and more importantly, braking efficiency and stopping distances.

We have run a set of Continental ContiCrossContract winter tyres on a Toyota Rav4 and the difference is stunning. The important part about winter tyres are not necessarily the tread pattern, but the actual tyre compound. Winter tyres are designed to work best in temperatures of 7degC and below, whereas ‘normal’ road tyres are often designed to work on a temperature spread of +30degC to -15degC. That’s quite a range, and leads to a compromise. And perhaps, most importantly, in the UK the average temperature on the roads during rush hour mornings and evenings is lower than 7degC for more than six months of the year – when you need that grip the most.

Check out the tyre suppliers advertising in this magazine, and call them now, before the demand increases. And order next month’s issue of 4×4 magazine as we will have a special feature on getting your 4×4 ready for winter; mechanical prep advice and expert driving tips on what to do in the snow and ice. The November issue will be on sale on Friday 21st October.

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