WIDE BOY TOUAREGExcellent SUV that it is, the VW Touareg cannot be claimed to be a particularly distinctive vehicle, so it’s no surprise that German tuning company JE Design has produced a new Widebody kit for R-Line series Touaregs. A combination of 22inch alloy wheels, lowered suspension and the new body kit will certainly make the Touareg stand out on the street! And it’s not just an ‘all-show-no-go’ option as there are tuning packages available for the Touareg by JE Design that tweak the engine management systems and, for example, will push the 4.2-litre TDI engine from 340bhp to 410bhp, which it’s likely you’ll notice from behind the wheel! Tuning packages are strictly controlled in Germany and all these modifications come with the necessary TÜV certificates. The company has a very comprehensive website, all in English.

Website: www.je-design.de/en/ 

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