Wheels, tyres and lifts

Wheels, tyres and liftsWhen it comes to Japanese vehicles, the guys at Milner Off Road have been in business since 1981, so if it’s a Jap truck that you own, this is a good place to start. To meet the coming winter season, Milner does a wheel and tyre package, various sizes and tyre options, and prices start from a very reasonable £375 (plus VAT). Give them a call to see what they advise. Of course, should you want to fit larger, oversize wheels, then you’ll be needing a body lift kit. Milner kits contain aluminium spacers and all the hardware to lift the body from the chassis 1.5in, retaining the centre of gravity, and without having to modify any other parts on the vehicle. Such a modification could also lead you to consider fitting manual freewheeling hubs. For many, manual hubs are a better option – less to go wrong – while also saving fuel and wear on the axles. Milner freewheeling manual hubs are available from £38 (plus VAT). The comprehensive website can be found at www.milneroffroad.com, you can email your query on [email protected] or be more traditional and call for a chat (remembering to say you read about it in this magazine!) on 01629 734411.

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