Wheel alignment equipment supplier Pro-Align has become the latest company to join the tyre industry’s safety awareness group TyreSafe. Pro-Align will support the group’s ongoing campaigns which raise awareness about the dangers associated with defective and illegal tyres. The company will also provide specialist knowledge and advice relating to wheel alignment issues.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe said: “Having experts in the field of wheel alignment will be a valuable addition to the group as it is such an important element of vehicle safety and one which many drivers do not understand properly.”

The importance of correct wheel alignment was highlighted earlier this year following the freezing weather which caused many potholes across the UK. Driving over potholes can alter the vehicle’s steering and suspension geometries or damage critical components which can reduce vehicle safety or generate extra running costs. Incorrect alignment can also cause premature and irregular wear on tyres.

Many garages and tyre dealers use Pro-Align’s imaging alignment equipment. As well as tyre manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, TyreSafe’s membership now includes vehicle manufacturers, TPMS experts and a variety of workshop equipment providers.


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