OctProdAlignSpecialist tool provider Gunson has produces an easy and accurate wheel alignment for the home mechanic. The Trakrite Laser System provides quick and easy diagnosis of front wheel alignment (tracking) on vehicles. Low ground clearance is not a problem (100mm is all the clearance required) and the system is suitable for modern alloy wheels of up to 22inch diameter.

This could make a lot of sense if you regularly off-road, especially if you compete at speed since it’s easy to ‘knock’ a wheel out of alignment. Correct tracking actually saves money on fuel and obviously tyre wear. The Trakrite Laser System is set up in a few minutes and it is extremely accurate as it uses a low radiation laser beam to indicate toe-in or toe-out. Comprehensive and easy to understand instructions are supplied.

The Trakrite Laser System is available now from any Gunson stockist and you can expect to pay around £90. For more details from www.gunson.co.uk

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