Tread lightly – or just dig

NovProdTraedBluecol – probably best known for their antifreeze and de-icer products – has a great range of winter products. These include the Snow Treads studded mats. Made from tough Polymer they could help getting you moving when things get particularly icy. They also fold away and can be stored in the boot. Bluecol also has a Snow Mat, which is a similar option only more flexible and they fit the contours of the road a little better. Ideal to use on your drive, especially if it has an incline. Neither are suitable for serious off-road usage, but as a ‘get you home’ could be ideal. One useful item that everyone should keep in the rear of the car is a shovel, and the Bluecol version has an extendable shaft. They also do an excellent Magnetic Frost Protector which wraps around the windscreen and ‘attaches’ to the car’s bodywork. This, of course, works great for snow and ice and for those very occasional days when the sun’s up and therefore it stops cooking the interior. These products will be available from the usual motoring retail outlets or check out the main website at:

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