Tracking your 4×4

Tracking  your 4x4There’s a growing trend of quality 4x4s being stolen, and not all of them the top of the range expensive models either. Land Rover Defenders still seem to be ‘disappearing’ overnight, often broken up for spares. Security is a hot topic, and this is one new high tech modern option that while it may not stop you actually losing your 4×4, you will at least know where it’s gone! CarLock uses remote GPS technology so an owner will know immediately that a vehicle is being tampered with, and possibly stolen. Plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic port it communicates constantly to the CarLock Cloud. This then links to the mobile phone app that the owner downloads, letting the owner know if the vehicle is moving outside its locked area. The app is designed to work even when not turned on. Interestingly, it is claimed that this app will not drain a phone’s battery life due to the built-in cellular and GPS antenna. The CarLock system has subscription plans for throughout Europe, not just the UK. The price of the unit is currently 99 Euros, with a monthly subscription fee of 4.90 Euros. To learn more, check out the CarLock website.


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