FebNewsScenicToyota pick-ups were somewhat plentiful across Antarctica in December as amazingly another expedition was attempting a formidable double transverse across the southern most continent. Led by Tony Martin of Extreme World Races, these six-wheeled Toyota AT44 pick-ups had crossed from one side to the other at the time of going to press, covering an astonishing 3280km in 23 days.

These six-wheelers, built by Arctic Trucks, are heavier than the Polar RTV and therefore, more prone to the problems caused by crevasses and leader Martin admits that at one point it was the machines advance radar equipment that stopped the entire fleet of three Toyota’s from disappearing down one particular fault line. This amazing motorised journey was being done to provide supply dumps and logistical support for the EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole which is a foot and ski race to mark Captain Scott’s Centenary which started on 1st January and included over 50 competitors.

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