Tired of accidents

According to a report from the UK Department for Transport, a review of international evidence suggests that driver fatigue may be the reason for as many as 20 per cent of all road accidents. Anti Sleep Pilot is a new in-car system designed to monitor driver alertness levels to prevent fatigue-related traffic accidents. The dash-mounted device calculates the driver’s fatigue level during a drive and “maintains alertness through simple tests, advising when to take a preventive break before the fatigue level becomes critical”.

Apparently, once a critical fatigue level approaches, the device sends a light and sound signal to let the driver know it’s time to take a break. To be honest, it’s more worrying that such devices are necessary, but if it saves some accidents, it has to be a good thing. The Anti Sleep Pilot retails at £129.95. For further details visit www.antisleeppilot.com.

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