One thing enthusiastic off-roaders need to consider is a decent method of getting all that muck and grime off their vehicle. A decent pressure washer is a very sensible accessory, and this month we have two new washers to consider.

The guys at Sealey have a special summer promotion running that includes a ‘star buy’ pressure washer offer. The PC2701 is on offer for £99.95 (plus VAT). It comes with high/low pressure lance, rotary and fixed brush attachments. There’s also a patio brush attachment – which might be necessary after you’ve dumped all that mud on the driveway! The washer offer is in Sealey’s special summer promotion catalogue, available at

Nicknamed “The Beast,” Karcher’s brand new pressure washer (pictured) can deliver a 150bar maximum – which is around 40 times a normal garden hose, and should be treated with respect. The K6 also has a clever “Plug ‘n’ Clean” system where you can add detergents.

As you can imagine, this is a serious pressure washer and comes with a serious recommended retail price of just under £500. Good idea if there’s a group of you to buy together, perhaps. For more details and to find out where these are retailing go to:

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