TiguanThe new Volkswagen Tiguan is available in five distinct trim levels with a choice of seven engines and, like all Volkswagens, the Tiguan is further customised via a wide range of options.

The Tiguan can be personalised yet further via a wide range of accessories that can be added at any time.

The new Tiguan enjoys sharp exterior styling and this can be preserved at the rear with a chrome-look protective strip for the tailgate (RRP £46.00; fitted £75.00) 1.  Similarly, high-quality aluminium sill trims protect the bodywork by the front door apertures, and also serve to further personalise the Tiguan (RRP £66.00; fitted £95.00).  These are also available in black or silver (RRP £57.00; fitted £115.00).

Keeping the crisp contours of the new Tiguan clean can be aided by fitting front and rear mud flaps.  They prevent rain spatter, mud, and general road grime from reaching the bodywork (front: RRP £56.00; fitted £85.00; rear: RRP £56.00; fitted £85.00).

Rubber floor mats for the front of the car are beneficial whatever the weather as a non-slip underside and easy-to-clean top surface make these durable, tailored mats a smart choice in every sense (RRP £40.00).  Versions are also available for the rear of the car (RRP £30.00).

Alternatively, a choice of basic or luxury carpet mats (RRP £55.00 and £85.00) can also provide tailored protection for the car’s carpets.  Another option focused on the styling of the Tiguan is the pedal cap set.  This is available for manual and DSG-equipped cars (RRP £98.00; fitted £170.00).

The Tiguan is Volkswagen’s latest compact Sport Utility Vehicle, and as the name implies SUVs can be used for a whole host of purposes.  The boot can be subjected to anything from transporting the weekly shop to carrying pets, sporting equipment, furniture… the list goes on.  Covering the boot with Volkswagen’s flexible boot liner could therefore be a good decision.  Like the carpet mats, it is tailored to fit the specific shape of the Tiguan, and its high-grip surface prevents items from sliding around (RRP £40.00).  Similarly, the accessory luggage net further prevents items from moving about.  It’s easy to fit, with hooks that attach to the lashing rings in the boot (RRP £55.00).

Keeping pets safely contained in the boot is simple, meanwhile, courtesy of the accessory upper partition grille, which is quickly fitted and just as easily removed.  It provides a sturdy metal barrier  that will prevent pets from entering the passenger compartment of the car (RRP £152.00; fitted £210.00).

Fitting load bars to the car’s roof provides the base system for a range of attachments.  The load bars have been crash tested and can be locked to prevent theft (RRP £175.00; fitted £193.00).  A robust storage bag is also available.

With the load bars in place, Volkswagen offers a range of attachments including a bicycle holder (£85.00; fitted £103.00) which has also been crash tested, and doesn’t impede access to the boot. There’s also a surfboard holder (RRP TBA).  The ski and snowboard holder (RRP £177.00; fitted £195.00) carries four skis or two snowboards and can be locked.  The range of carrying options continues with the matt black 340-litre roofbox (RRP £225.00).  The functional box has a capacity of 50 kg and it’s easy to fit.

An alternative bicycle carrier can be attached to the towbar (£525.00; fitted £543.00).  This has a super-quick release system, and enables the Tiguan to carry three bicycles with a maximum weight of 54 kg.  This is the least bulky and lightest bicycle carrier in its class, and still allows easy access to the boot.

Volkswagen has designed a child seat that fits the Tiguan perfectly.  The vehicle – like all Volkswagen passenger cars – is equipped with Isofix mounting points on the two outer rear seats and so the G1 Isofix DUO Plus seat is simple to fit (RRP £370.00).

The Volkswagen Tiguan comes with an anti-theft alarm system and engine immobiliser as standard but, for those with a desire for the ultimate in security, the solution is the CobraTrak Plus vehicle tracking system.  With a one-year subscription and fitting included, the RRP is £536.00.  Cobra is the European leader in tracking stolen vehicles and is the only tracking company approved by Volkswagen.  The system is fully covered by Volkswagen’s three-year warranty.

In developing accessories for the Tiguan, Volkswagen has also tried to group together popular items in great value packs.  For example, a clothes hanger is available, as is a bag hooking system.  Both fit into the base of the front seat headrests and are available as part of the Business Pack (RRP £99.00).  This also includes the luggage net and a base module that attaches to the front seat headrest and allows the attachment of a folding table, and Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet brackets.  A simpler design of coat hanger is available separately (RRP £26.00).


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