Subaru XV upgrades

Subaru XV upgradesThis is one model that we feel has not received the success that it deserves. Indeed, the Subaru XV was one of the class winners in our 2013 4×4 Of The Year. The latest models now have enhancements to improve the vehicle’s refinement, ride and handling, while the overall range has also been rationalised ‘to provide a simpler customer option’.

The petrol engine models have revised suspension to improve ride, while new valve-train components are said to reduce engine noise. Additional soundproofing in the bulkhead is said to improve NVH on both petrol and diesel models.

Inside there are a few tweaks aimed to improve the overall look and feel – something that we did comment upon when we tested the model, somehow it didn’t quite ‘look and feel’ quite as good as it should and in such a competitive market that can mean a loss of sales. All models also now have a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted, together with a gearshift indicator.
The 1.6i petrol engine model has been dropped from the UK market, leaving two Boxer engines, both 2.0-litre, in either petrol or diesel guise. Those choosing the petrol can opt for either the six-speed manual or Lineartronic CVT transmissions. Prices for the 2.0-litre Subaru XV are unchanged, always impressive when a vehicle gets upgrades, and start at £21,995 on the road. Indeed, prices for the XV were reduced by £2300 last July. Worth a look we feel.

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