SPOT ON!It’s one thing going into the wilderness on a fabulous overlanding trip, with the intention of ‘getting away from it all’ but there could we a time when you want someone to know exactly where you are for a safety point of view. Of course, in many cases the ubiquitous mobile phone will solve your problems, but what happens when you travel to an area with no mobile phone signal? Globalstar Inc is a leader in satellite and emergency notification technologies and the new SPOT Gen 3 device makes that very clever technology and affordable and simple option for overlanders. This is a small tracking device that you can fit to your vehicle, which allows for your journey to be tracked and regularly update your position on Google Maps. Most importantly, it is also able to immediately transmit an SOS notification, and allows you to confirm your arrival or send messages to friends and family regardless of mobile coverage. SPOT satellite coverage is impressive as it covers Europe, Canada, continental United States, Mexico, Australia, Northern and Central Africa, and much of South America and North-Eastern Asia.  For such a tiny unit, it offers an amazing amount of security for any serious 4×4 adventurer. It’s not expensive either, with the RRP in the UK of £150, with annual subscription services starting at £118 per year.


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