Porsche’s Cayenne was maligned by many when first announced, thanks to its somewhat unconventional looks, writes Nigel Fryatt. Sales worldwide, however, have been impressive and the model is now comfortably Porsche’s bestselling model.

It is, perhaps, no surprise, therefore, that Porsche’s Supervisory Board has announced that the German company is to build a second SUV, and one that will fit neatly ‘below’ the Cayenne. There has been a rumour of this model for the last few years, but it now appears it is a definite and going under the working title ‘Cajun’.

VW’s takeover of Porsche will surely mean there will probably be some shared parts from the main company’s 4×4 spares cupboard. Interestingly, it is expected that the Cajun will be the cheapest Porsche available. Obviously ‘cheap’ is somewhat relative but that would currently put the Cajun under £36,500. This could be a very significant new 4×4. Unfortunately, it seems we will have to wait until 2014 to find out.

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