Salt of the Earth

febprodsaltIt seems that this corrosion protection product was developed through the American space race! Based on the fact that space vehicles do take something of a battering when in use, and then end up unceremoniously splashing down in corrosive salt water (!) we now have Nyalic, which can help preserve your 4×4’s wheels! Basically it’s a polymeric resin that coats the wheel and will protect against corrosive chemicals – like road salt – as well as other nasty muck like brake dust. It’s a water clear ultra thin resin that you coat the wheels with and is claimed to then offer ‘many years’ protection, is UV resistant and will not flake or peel. Given the cost of alloy wheels on 4x4s these days, it seems a rather good idea. A Nyalic Automotive Kit gives 6.5sqm of coverage, enough for a vehicle, and costs £34.99 (inc VAT), plus postage and packing by mail order, online from or you can call 01780 721470

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