JanProdSafetyIf you have a modified off-roader and take it away from the tarmac, carrying a decent fire extinguisher is common sense. We checked out with Devon 4×4 and were advised that AFFF extinguishers are ideal for use on solids such as paper, wood, plastic and flammable liquids such as paraffin, petrol, oil, diesel – all the things you find in a 4×4! These are often a minimum requirement on many competitive events; Devon 4×4 have a 2-litre extinguisher complete with mounting bracket, which can be recharged after use. CE and Kite marked this will comply with most fire fighting and motorsport regulations. Available at a very reasonable £32.63 including VAT. Worth thinking exactly where you position this item – don’t just throw it in the rear ‘somewhere’, make sure that it easy to grab in an emergency.

Carrying a First Aid kit makes a lot of sense. Devon 4×4 have a comprehensive collection of kits, and it’s well worth giving them a call to get one suitable for your off-roading needs. Call them on 01769 550900 or check out the comprehensive website at:

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