Revealed: The UK areas with the most winter road accidents

  • The Compensation Experts analysed figures from The Department of Transport to reveal the areas that have the most road accidents due to ice. 
  • Kent, Lincolnshire, and Surrey have the highest number of winter accidents

 Driving with windows full of condensation and icy roads to look out, certainly makes you doubt the most wonderful time of the year when on the roads. Winter can be a challenging time for drivers, as sub-zero temperatures lead to dangerous road conditions. 

The Compensation Experts has analysed the Department for Transports Road Traffic Statistics to reveal the areas across the UK that have the most road accidents due to icy conditions. By studying five years of data from every local authority in the UK, looking at the number, the top 10 worst areas for motor accidents on ice are as followed:

RankRegionNumber of accidents on ice
8North Yorkshire143

Kent revealed to have the highest number of winter road accidents

The statistics from The Department for Transport show that out of all 333 local authorities in the UK, Kent has the highest number of road accidents recorded in winter conditions. A total of 310 accidents occurred due to frost and ice, Kent drivers should be extra cautious when is comes to driving in freezing conditions. After Kent, Lincolnshire is revealed to come second in the rankings with 284 in five years. Surrey follows with the third-highest number of accidents due to ice with 272 accidents over the same period.

Spokesperson at The Compensation Experts comments on the findings, “In the winter months, drivers are suddenly being thrust into some of the worst driving conditions they’re likely to face on the roads. We urge motorists in these areas to take extra caution when driving and if the temperature does drop to freezing you should consider postponing the journey unless essential”.

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