The Nissan X-Trail won our 4×4 of the Year award when it was launched, thanks in no small part to its remarkable off-road ability. But the model is nothing compared to the X-Trail Mountain Rescue – a one-off designed to highlight the tractability of the electric layout that allows the e-4ORCE drivetrain to react almost instantaneously to changing levels of grip. It is of course very apparent indeed that the headline modification to the X-Trail Mountain Rescue is the addition of snow tracks instead of wheels. However equally important is the removal of its rear seats to let it carry a stretcher, plus medical equipment and personnel.
In addition to all this, an evacuation stretcher and snow shovels are carried on a bespoke roof rack and the front bumper has been strengthened to mountain electric winch. The extra width of the tracks is covered by extended wing flares, while there are heavy-duty towing hooks front and rear and running boards for access to the cabin – very necessary for some as the vehicle rides 230mm higher than standard.
Nissan built the vehicle as part of a campaign it’s supporting to prevent accidents by encouraging responsible skiing in Europe’s major resorts. It will be displayed in a glass box in one of them, Cervinia in Italy, and feature in promotional material encouraging people to slow down on the slopes.

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