We’ve previously described the Skoda Kodiaq as the best vehicle never to win 4×4 of the Year. It arrived in 2017
and kick-started a new era for the Czech company, moving it further away than ever from its dodgy old roots and entrenching it in the mainstream as a brand that’s not just acceptable, it’s aspirational.

Our editor tells the story of a friend whose family owns a giant country estate in the south-west of England. Proper old money, and lots of it. Her car of choice? Not a Bentley, not a Roller, not even a Range Rover, but a Kodiaq – and she
absolutely loves it.

That’s just a one-off anecdote, of course, but it’s an illustration of how far Skoda has come – and of the
job the company has on its hands with the new Kodiaq, which has to replace a full-on superstar.

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