Picture this

Picture thisThe trend to capture on camera your off-road exploits is a growing one. You can see budding film directors following the exploits of friends and family at many a Pay ‘n’ Play day. If this is something you fancy, and would like a ‘driver’s eye view’ of what’s happening then you really need a decent clamp to hold your camera steady… and often that’s not your co-driver bouncing alongside! RAM has some new action camera mounts that solve this problem. We have used a RAM mount before and can confirm that they are certainly rigged and well built, made from marine-grade aluminium, with durable composite plastics and the company’s patented shock-absorbent rubber coated adjustable ball sockets. These things can be fitted to roll cages, windscreens or any flat edge. The range of mounts is comprehensive, check out the website.

Website: www.ram-mount.co.uk 

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