Outlander PHEV hits Russia

Outlander PHEV hits RussiaThe intriguing new hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has completed some serious testing in different driving conditions, including hot weather in the deserts of the USA and the cold snowy bits of Canada. It has also completed more than 30,000km over eight weeks of evaluation in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Tolyatti, where the test cars experienced temperatures as low as -30°C, with snow covered road surfaces, unknown in other cold climate regions where the Outlander PHEV is already retailed. Impressively the car performed very well and with no concern for the electrical charging system.

russiaThe Mitsubishi PHEV has a twin motor four-wheel drive and ‘Super-All Wheel Control’ systems withstood all tests, demonstrating Outlander PHEV’s readiness for operation in Russia. The Outlander is making an impressive sales start across the globe and sales in Russia are expected from the recent 2014 Moscow Motor Show. We look at Mitsubishi’s hybrid option next month, and drive it with the company’s original, and now fully rebuilt jeep. It proved a fascinating comparison, read about it in our November issue.

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