fireForce Protection Europe has been invited by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to tender for the Light Protected Patrol Vehicle Programme – Demonstration, Production and Support Phases.   

The invitation to tender follows a recentlyawarded contract placed with Force Protection Europe by the MoD for the supply of two Ocelot light protected patrol vehicles. An all-new concept, all-wheel drive Ocelot has been developed by Force Protection Europe and Ricardo to provide levels of survivability comparable with the Cougar family of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, together with exceptional cross country mobility, _ exibility and, importantly, value for money.

 The Ocelot can be maintained and repaired quickly when out in the _ eld, while its unique modular design enables the vehicle to be recon_ gured in Theatre within only two hours to meet a variety of different roles, such as patrol, fire support and protected logistics.

  It also has to be highly manoeuvrable with good handling at speeds up to at least 75mph – which is why the project needs the skills of Roland Jacob-Lloyd, former chief engineer of the Mitsubishi World Rally Championship team who is now holding a similar job with the Ocelot project.    

 Designed in England by Force Protection Europe and technology specialist Ricardo, its detachable, lightweight but ballisticsresistant six-seat occupant pod can be exchanged for other con_ gurations, turning the vehicle into an ambulance or truck. The switchgear includes differential locks and tyre pressure adjustment for changing surfaces. It also has a rear ‘sunroof’ for mounting a heavy machine gun.


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