NEW JEEP RENEGADEGetting news of a completely new Jeep model just before we closed this issue for press was exciting indeed. We are a little limited in space this month, but just had to show these pictures; introducing the brand new Jeep Renegade. And fear not, we will be giving you a lot more detail and many more pictures in the next issue!

The all-new Jeep Renegade will have been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show as you read this and it’s the iconic 4×4 company’s first sojourn into the small SUV segment. To put the vehicle into perspective, initial details show it will be around 550mm longer than a Suzuki Jimny, 200mm wider, but very similar in height. The Renegade’s wheelbase is 320mm longer than the Suzuki’s.

It is due to be available some time in 2015, although that is likely to be in the US first, details of when it would come to the UK are as yet unreleased. The Renegade is, however, a global model for Jeep not just a niche sideline, since it is aimed at more than 100 markets around the globe, which alone means an option of some 16 (yes, sixteen) different power trains. It will be built in the US, Italy and Brazil.

Much of the Renegade’s technology will come from the forthcoming Cherokee (see separate story), which means two 4×4 systems, including Jeep Active Drive II Selec-Terrain option with its 20:1 crawl ratio low ratio box, and Rock mode. Certain models will also be available with Jeep’s latest nine-speed automatic transmission.

There will be a number of trim options, much as the Cherokee, with standard, Latitude, and the more interesting Trailhawk. It’s questionable that the Trailhawk will actually become available in the UK, but we can but hope! The Trailhawk will have the Selec-Terrain system, with low ratio, an increased ride height, skid plates, red front and rear tow hooks, 17inch all-terrain tyres, 8.1inches of wheel articulation, hill descent control and will be able to wade to a depth of 19inches. You see why we’d like the Renegade Trailhawk in the UK. We will have a lot more details in next month’s issue.

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