As the holiday season gets into its stride, the one problem that most motorists fear when going away on a motoring holiday is getting a puncture. Research*¹ by mytyres, part of Europe’s leading online tyre retailer Delticom, revealed that for 63% of drivers getting a puncture is the biggest distress/inconvenience that they are likely to suffer on the road. However, in the same survey by contrast, only 12% of drivers actually check their tyres.

Tyres are arguably the most important safety critical component on a car and so before setting off for a holiday break, suggest that drivers carry out a simple 5 point tyre safety check.

Firstly, ensure that all tyres, including the spare, have at least 2.5/3.00 mm*² of tread – the law requires a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth, but tyre experts recommend a greater level of tread depth for maximum safety.

Secondly, check and adjust tyre pressures against the car manufacturer’s handbook. Tyre pressures are critical for maximum fuel efficiency and reducing C°2 emissions.

Thirdly, check for uneven tyre wear. This is likely to be caused by tyres/wheels being out of alignment and this will result in premature tyre wear.

Fourthly, clean dirt from around the valve and fit dust caps.

And finally, if whilst driving the driver experiences vibration through the steering or wheel wobble, then the front tyres should be checked for balance. By following these simple checks motorists are less likely to suffer a tyre problem which could interrupt the family holiday. has a wide range of quality and budget tyres available for immediate delivery to your home address or to the garage of choice or one of the company’s more than 1700 partner fitting stations in the UK. For full details log-on to the mytyres website at


*¹ Research conducted by CCB Fastmap
*² Depending on the width of the tyre


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