April11NewsCrisisThe terrible situation in Libya and the Middle East in general has had an effect on the off-road adventure travel business.

As you can see from our International Calendar there are many trips organised to Morocco, and they are still going ahead at the time of going to press.

Trip that have been cancelled, however, include Atlas Overland’s Tunisian tours, due to take place this year.

Peter Girling of Atlas Overland commented: “Tunisia appears to have settled down, however we understand customers’ reluctance to book holidays to that destination at present so we have organised additional Morocco tours instead.

“Morocco is stable at present. While there is high unemployment, rising food and energy prices there is no great desire by the general population to seek regime change. The Royal family and the government are generally well regarded and fairly popular. Regular and fair elections take place and the government has taken steps over recent years to improve human rights.

“The demonstrations in Rabat on 20 February had been planned well in advance and were peaceful, with minimal police presence. We are in regular contact with our friends in Morocco, all of whom report that life goes on as normal and we are looking forward, as usual, to visiting their country.

“We are very confident that the situation will continue to remain stable. The situation in Libya is unlikely to end well and our thoughts are with those who are suffering.

“We are monitoring the situation in our destination countries through the news media. We are in regular contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and, more importantly, with our many friends in North Africa. We wish them well and hope that life returns to normal soon.”

Regular 4×4 correspondent Toby Savage’s unique Long Range Desert Group Adventure, enacting the escapades of the LRDG 70 years ago with two original WWII Jeeps, which was due to set off from Cairo on 18th April has been postponed. Toby commented: “Those of us who have travelled extensively though the Sahara Desert know that the likelihood of running into trouble is most unlikely. The distances involved are so great. Organising our ambitious Expedition out of Cairo would probably have been fine, but we had to consider the influx of refugees and other desperate people affecting the whole North African coastline. Until peace is secured we felt it best to postpone until the colossal change is completeThe Desert and its stunning scenery will always be there.”

All other operators are continuing with their Moroccan tours. See individual websites as listed on p103-4 of the April issue for further information.

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