mercThe Mercedes G-Class is an excellent off-road vehicle, but there are places that it cannot go. And that’s why Iranian engineer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi has created a design blueprint called the Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel Concept, and with it he’s introducing a concept he believes will offer a much improved and much more extreme level of off-road driving.    

His idea is simple: ants (for example) benefit from an articulated design, meaning their various body sections can move independently of one another. Then compare ants to a tortoise, which has a fixed body and moving legs (ie the same design as a traditional SUV), and it’s clear that the ant benefits from a much greater degree of agility on various terrains. Applying this concept to his design study, up front, the Mercedes Hexawheel has a short, main seating compartment for up to three people, while the rear storage area is connected via a hinged, hydraulically-regulated joint.

  The Hexawheel’s wheelbase length is substantially reduced, allowing the front half to navigate obstacles independently of the rear. An all-wheel drive system provides power to the Hexawheel’s six wheels, via a diesel engine mated to a flexible hydraulic power transmission system.

The end result is a vehicle that can climb the most varied of terrains, while still providing an impressive amount of cargocarrying ability. Will it work…?

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